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U.S.-India Higher Education Summit YouTube Video

Ann Stock
   Assistant Secretary (R) 
Robert O. Blake, Jr.
   Assistant Secretary, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs
Washington, DC
October 17, 2011


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Assistant Secretary Stock: Ultimately, American and Indian students will manage the future of our relationship. We live in a global society and students who study abroad learn about the culture, the country, the language, and the people. That gives them a major advantage. 

Fulbright – Nehru Student to India Appleton: You’re a product of your environment, and so, when you grow up here and you hang out with the same type of people, you can get stuck in the mindset that, that’s all there is in the world. Especially somewhere like India which is so completely different.

Executive Director U.S. India Educational Foundation Grotsky: India has a way of getting you to take a look deep inside yourself, and learn about yourself, and learn about your own culture, while you’re also learning about your Indian-South Asian culture.

Assistant Secretary Blake: Higher Education already, has been one of the high points in US-India relations. We are very proud that 100,000 Indian students are already studying in the United States.

Assistant Secretary Stock:The United States has one of the best higher education systems in the world. Welcoming Indian students is a plus for us; it globalizes our classrooms and helps our young people learn about other cultures and other countries.

Assistant Secretary Blake: But we also believe that there’s tremendous scope, for example: for joint research between Universities.

Assistant Secretary Stock: Fulbright is our most important international education exchange.

Fulbright – Nehru Student to India Glassman: The Fulbright program has been really exciting. So, I came here because I wanted to learn about energy in India: I came here because I wanted to learn about India, to use that research. I think Fulbright in a lot of ways is about using your research as a tool, to learn about India, to get out there and talk to different people.

Fulbright – Nehru Student to India Appleton: You miss all the opportunities that you don’t give yourself.

Assistant Secretary Blake: Well again, I think, what we want to do is to achieve, new, innovative and sustained partnerships between our higher education institutions.

Assistant Secretary Stock: Our ultimate goal for the summit is, people-to-people exchange, but we also want to strengthen our government-to-government exchanges, our university-to-university exchanges, and our business-to-business exchanges. Those will help us build our relationship in the future, and make sure that our students, both nations, are prepared to go operate in the 21st century.

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