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Final Communique: First North America-SICA Dialogue on Democratic Security (English)

April 30, 2013

The representatives of North America’s countries and the member countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA) gathered in Washington DC on April 30, 2013;

RECOGNIZING that confronting transnational organized crime and related illegal activities requires cooperation and coordination among our governments, and the support of our societies;

WELCOMING the principles and agreements of the International Conference in Support of the Central American Security Strategy (ESCA) held in Guatemala in June 2011 in the framework of shared responsibility and additional resources;

RECALLING that at the Meeting of Foreign Ministers of North America held in Wakefield, Canada, on December 13, 2010, Ministers identified the importance of creating a dialogue with Central America to strengthen regional cooperation and efforts against transnational organized crime;

RECOGNIZING the work of the Group of Friends and cooperating international organizations of the Central American Security Strategy, aimed at identifying efficient international cooperation schemes that support Central American governments in combating transnational organized crime;

TAKING NOTE of the projects of the Central American Security Strategy developed by SICA member countries;

RECOGNIZING the progress made on cooperation during the SICA - Mexico Democratic Security Dialogue and the SICA - United States of America Democratic Security Dialogue, and the new participation of Canada in the North America - SICA Dialogue on Democratic Security.

BEARING IN MIND that Canada, the United States, and Mexico have given and continue to give support to various security initiatives in the region; and

REAFFIRMING the need to avoid duplication of efforts and ensure the necessary political, operational and financial viability to deliver effective and measurable results in support of the ESCA and the national efforts of the Central American countries,


1. Institutionalize the North America - SICA Dialogue on Democratic Security as a space for dialogue, cooperation and coordination between the two regions;

2. Approve the Framework for the North America - SICA Dialogue on Democratic Security.

3. Strengthen and enhance bi-regional cooperation and coordination to combat transnational organized crime and related illegal activities, while respecting the sovereignty, territorial integrity and the legal equality of States.

4. On the basis of the principles and components of ESCA, promote coordinated collaborative actions in Central America to strengthen and complement their activities under the ESCA in preventing and combating transnational organized crime and related illegal activities.

To meet these objectives, the First North America - SICA Dialogue on Democratic Security addressed issues related to the diversion of precursor chemicals, combating narcotrafficking, and the exchange of experiences and best practices in the prevention of crime and violence.

The participants:

Underscored the interest to identify new areas for bi-regional cooperation on the issues addressed at the Dialogue.

Reaffirmed our commitment to maintain this dialogue in order to meet the common challenges and concerns of advancing security and prosperity in both regions.

Expect the II North America - SICA Dialogue on Democratic Security to take place in Central America in 2014.

Thanked the Government and people of the United States for their hospitality and efforts in hosting the Dialogue.

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