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Framework Document: North America-SICA Dialogue on Democratic Security (English)

April 30, 2013

I. Objective

To strengthen cooperation and coordination to combat transnational organized crime, avoid duplication of efforts to deliver measureable and effective results, and provide SICA and its North American partners with an opportunity to collaborate on security projects in both regions.

II. Participants and Level of Participation

Participating countries will include SICA member states, Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

The parties consider Colombia a permanent guest and can issue special invitations when so agreed.

The Dialogue will be held at the Assistant Secretary/Vice Ministerial level of the Central American Security Commission and the Assistant Secretary level of North American countries.

III. Issues for the Dialogue

Bearing in mind that the security situation in our regions is dynamic, the parties will carry out their dialogue on specific relevant themes based on the principles and components of the Central American Security Strategy (ESCA).

IV. Structure of the Dialogue

  • A. Dialogue (Vice Ministerial level)
  • B. Technical Working Group
  • C. National Points of Contact

The North America - SICA Security Dialogue on Democratic Security will meet at least once a year, or when the parties consider appropriate.

(A) SICA - North America Security Dialogue

The Dialogue, held at the Assistant Secretary/Vice Ministerial level, will serve as the highest authority for decision-making.

(B) Technical Working Group

The Technical Working Group will be responsible for the preparation of the agenda and the final documents, as well as the implementation of all Dialogue decisions.

SICA will maintain the level of representation and responsibilities that have been established for the Central American Security Commission under the Framework Treaty on Democratic Security in Central America. Canada, the United States and Mexico will be represented at a level commensurate with the level of representation of SICA.

This body will conduct joint review of the issues for the Dialogue between SICA, Canada, the United States, and Mexico in order to propose to the Dialogue, on the basis of consensus, the adoption of corresponding agreements. This will be carried out in plenary sessions that will take place at the technical level, prior to the high-level meeting.

(C) National Points of Contact

Participants will designate a National Point of Contact who will receive and communicate all the information regarding the Dialogue through the President Pro Tempore and the Secretary General of SICA.

SICA-North America Security Dialogue Structure

Date: 04/30/2013 Description: SICA-North America Security Dialogue Structure: Pyramid with Dialogue at the top, Security Commission/Technical Working Group in the middle, and National Technical Groups and National Points of Contact at the base. - State Dept Image

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