About ACPD Reports

Strategic Planning Memo

The President, Secretary of State, the Congress, and the American public need and deserve informed, serious, and timely appraisal and recommendations of Government activities that intend to understand, inform, and influence global audiences. Beginning in 2011, the ACPD changed its focus from a report every two years to providing frequent and in-depth information to better serve and empower those that formulate, authorize, fund, and engage in these activities.

As a result, the ACPD will publish several different "products", including Commission reports, working papers, and staff reports. The length of each report will vary, but they will generally be around 3-5 pages, plus appendix, if any. 

Below is a brief description of each report type:

Commission Reports.  These are the "traditional" reports of the ACPD. They are signed by all of the active Members of the ACPD and are presented to the Congress with specific and actionable recommendations. Reports will capture dissent within the ACPD as appropriate.
Frequency: about 4 times a year

Working Papers.  These reports are signed by at least one Commission Member to offer information, advice, and analysis to enhance U.S. Government global engagement. The purpose is to provide a more tactical public recommendation by a Member.
Frequency: about 6 times a year

Staff Reports.  These reports are produced by Staff and are not signed off by a Member. As a result, they are limited to objective and factual analysis and may include questions for further discussion. They do not include opinion or recommendations. They are meant to provide a common foundation for future discussion and analysis of a topic.
Frequency: about 8 times a year