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Broadcast Glossary

This glossary provides a review of the terminology used on AETN scripts and log sheets:

American Embassy Television Network

This is video that enhances or tells the story. It was originally used to cover a jump cut in editing. It is now more commonly used to add dimension to a story. Example: If a person is talking about a new school, the B-roll will include video of the new school.

All AETN packages will have two audio channels. Channel One will include the VO and nat sound; Channel Two will contain the nat sound only. The nat sound includes the original language the soundbites are recorded in.

Any package on AETN will be edited unless otherwise noted.  All packages will be broadcast quality in content and information. 

This refers to a satellite transmission of a package or documentary. 

Music and effects - if there is music and natural sound (effects), this will be on Channel Two, unless otherwise noted - such as a MIX.

If the feed indicates that Channel 1 is a Mix with Channel 2 containing M&E this means that Channel 1 includes all audio - VO, interviews, nat sound and M&E.  Channel 2 will include everything but the VO

he voice-over on the video.  The script will note whether the narration is in English or another language and will note the original language of any soundbites.   

Nat Sound                       
atural sound - the microphone picks up the sound in the room, or the background noise.  Example: If you have a picture of a train, you include the sound of the train - the natural sound.

prerecorded piece that includes a narration or voice over, interviews, and natural sound.  A package is also referred to as a story.  A "package" will replace the VNR (video news release), which is more common in the corporate world than the newsroom.

Sound on Tape - the sound that is on the tape - whether it's an interview, a VO or nat sound

The information shown prior to the start of the video piece, which identifies the story title, length of the piece, the total running time and titles of those who appear in the piece.

soundbite is an interview or sound from a source other than the narration or voice over.  

Text messages that flash across the screen to support key voice-over points.

Track, also means channel

Total Running Time means the length of the edited package

he identification of all people featured in a packaged story will be included in the slate at the head of the video piece.

Voice Over - the reporter's voice narrating the story

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