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Armenia -- Azerbaijan


Embassy of the Republic of Armenia
CHANCERY: 2225 R Street, NW 20008.
202-319-1976, (FAX 202-319-2982)

His Excellency Arman KIRAKOSSIAN; Mrs. Susanna Nazarian
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary


Mr. Tigran SEIRANIAN; Mrs. Nune Zastukhova
Counselor (Consular)

Mrs. Nune ZASTUKHOVA; Mr. Tigran Seiranian
Second Secretary

Mr. Sargis KOTANJYAN; Mrs. Tatevik Kotanjyan
Attache (Political)


Colonel Hayk KOTANJIAN; Mrs. Rozalia Kotanjyan
Defense, Military, Naval & Air Attache


Embassy of Australia
CHANCERY: 1601 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 20036.
202-797-3000, (FAX 202-797-3168)

His Excellency Michael J. THAWLEY; Mrs. Deborah Jean Thawley
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Ms. Margaret MCDONALD; Dr. John Christopher Stephen Hall
Minister (Deputy Chief of Mission)


Minister (Commercial)

Mrs. Michelle Elizabeth MARGINSON; Mr. Geoffrey Evan Marginson
Minister (Political)

Ms. Jan Elizabeth ADAMS; Mr. Janko Spasojevic
Minister-Counselor (Commercial)

Mr. Howard Francis DEBENHAM; Mrs. Joosik Debenham
Minister-Counselor (Management) and Consul General

Mrs. Virginia J. GREVILLE; Mr. Daniel P. Barton
Minister-Counselor (Agriculture)

Ms. Janine Ruth MURPHY; Mr. James Andrew Murphy
Minister-Counselor (Economic)

Mr. Janko SPASOJEVIC; Ms. Jan Elizabeth Adams
Minister-Counselor (Industry, Science & Resources)

Mr. Ian G. WING; Mrs. Sharon Darlene Wing*
Minister-Counselor (Marketing)

Mr. Thomas ANDERSON; Mrs. Margaret Anderson
Counselor (Customs)

Counselor (Veterinary)

Ms. Susan Louise DIETZ
Counselor (Political)

Mr. Brian Robert FREDRICKSON; Mrs. Josephine Mary Fredrickson

Dr. John Christopher Stephen HALL; Ms. Margaret Mcdonald
Counselor (Communications, Information Technology & Arts)

Dr. Stephen Trevor HOOD; Mrs. Mary Kathleen Hood
Counselor (Defense Science)

Dr. Ronald HUTCHINGS; Mrs. Susannah Beatrice Hutchings
Counselor (Nuclear)

Ms. Adrienne Mary JACKSON; Mr. Peter Jackson
Counselor (Defense Policy)

Mr. Sandi Hugh LOGAN; Mrs. Lois Virginia Logan
Counselor (Public Affairs)

Ms. Janet Ann MACKIN
Counselor (Immigration)

Mr. Richard Alaric MAUDE; Mrs. Belinda Maude
Counselor (Political)

Mr. Andrew Shaw TODD; Mrs. Deborah Joan Todd
Counselor (Congressional)

Mr. Michael Stephen TRAVIS; Mrs. Karen Lee Travis
Counselor (Political)

Mr. Barry Warren TURNER; Mrs. Carolyn Fay Turner
Counselor (Police Liaison)

Mr. Gilbert WATTERS; Mrs. Diane Watters
Counselor (Defense Materiel)

Mr. Michael EYRE; Ms. Kathleen Walmsley
First Secretary

First Secretary (Political)

Ms. Mary Jane JONES
First Secretary (Immigration)

Mr. Christopher M. LIM
First Secretary (Political)

Mr. Alastair Fraser MACGIBBON; Ms. Ainslie Skye Macgibbon
First Secretary (Police Liaison)

Mr. Thomas ROTH; Mrs. Christiane Elisabeth Roth
First Secretary (Trade Policy)

Mr. Stephen Douglas WALMSLEY
First Secretary (Administration) and Consul

Mr. Justin Gregory WICKES
First Secretary (Customs)

Ms. Trudy Elizabeth WITBREUK
First Secretary (Commercial)

Mr. Gary W. ADAMS; Ms. Kerry A. Holgate
Second Secretary (Technical)

Mr. Ian Colin CONSTANTINE; Mrs. Karen Gayle Riddell
Second Secretary (Technical)

Ms. Caroline Julia JONES
Second Secretary (Political)

Ms. Fiona C. MCLEAN
Second Secretary (Defense)

Mr. Brian Mitchell TAYLOR; Mrs. Susan Caroline Taylor
Second Secretary

Ms. Philippa DAWSON
Third Secretary (Administrative) and Vice Consul

Dr. Colin S. COLEMAN; Mrs. Rita I. Coleman
Attache (Defense Science)

Mr. Maurice Andrew FOULKES
Attache (Defense Liaison)

Mr. Stephen John HYLAND; Mrs. Niamh Celestine Hyland
Attache (Defense Acquisition)


Rear Admiral Simon HARRINGTON; Mrs. Kathleen Harrington
Defense Attache

Brigadier William J. A. MELLOR; Mrs. Joanne Mellor
Military Attache & Asst. Defense Attache

Commodore John MCCAFFRIE; Mrs. Christine Mccaffrie
Naval Attache & Asst. Defense Attache

Air Commodore Dennis Graham GREEN; Mrs. Denise Kathryn Green
Air Attache & Asst. Defense Attache

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Philip DOCWRA; Ms. Julie Katherine Baird
Asst. Defense Attache

Colonel Keith Dean SCHOLLUM; Mrs. Kay Josephine Schollum
Asst. Defense Attache

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph J. MARTIN; Mrs. Ann M. Martin
Asst. Military Attache

Wing Commander Stephen Noel BUCHOLTZ; Mrs. Jennifer Mary Bucholtz
Asst. Naval & Air Attache

Commander Howard Gilston FURNESS; Mrs. Robyn Kaye Furness
Asst. Naval Attache


Embassy of Austria
CHANCERY: 3524 International Court, NW 20008-3035.
202-895-6700, (FAX 202-895-6750)

His Excellency Dr. Peter MOSER; Mrs. Elisabeth Moser Kahr
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Ms. Melitta SCHUBERT
Minister (Deputy Chief of Mission)


Mr. Marcus BERGMANN; Mrs. Claudia Bergmann
Counselor (Economic)

Mr. Martin KRAEMER; Mrs. Maria Kraemer Fischer
Counselor and Consul General

Mr. Heinz K. SEITINGER; Mrs. Karin V. Seitinger
Counselor (Commercial)

Mr. Martin WEISS; Mrs. Susanne Weiss
Counselor (Press & Information)

Ms. Eleonora WINDISCH; Mr. Timothy Gene Mclaughlin*
Counselor (Cultural)

Mr. Johannes Christoph MERAN; Mrs. Marie C. Henckel De Donnersmarck
Attache (Public Diplomacy)

Mr. Philipp STEGER; Ms. Kristen Eileen Johnson*
Attache (Science)

Mr. Gottfried TRAXLER; Mrs. Liz Maria De Los A. Robles Guzman
Attache (Administrative)

Chief Warrant Officer Franz MUSCHITZ; Mrs. Christiane Muschitz
Asst. Attache (Defense & Administrative)


Brigadier General Guntmar HECK; Dr. Ursula Heck
Defense, Military, Naval & Air Attache

Colonel Timmo UNFRIED; Mrs. Doris Unfried
Defense Cooperation Attache & Asst. Defense,

Military & Air Attache (Procurement)
Lieutenant Colonel Ewald HAUSDORF; Mrs. Maria Hausdorf

Asst. Defense, Military & Air Attache
Commercial Counselor Office
1350 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 501, 20036.


Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
CHANCERY: 2741 34th Street, NW 20008.
202-337-3500, (FAX 202-337-5911)

His Excellency Hafiz Mir Jalal PASHAYEV; Mrs. Rena Pashayeva
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary


Mr. Elmar MAMEDYAROV; Mrs. Kyamilya Mamedyarova

First Secretary

Second Secretary

Mr. Elchin Ragub Oglu BASHIROV; Mrs. Konul Tariyel Gizi Bashirova
Third Secretary

Mr. Huseyn Ismayil Oglu HUSEYNOV; Mrs. Zeynab Sadikh Gizi Huseynova
Third Secretary and Consul

Mr. Ilgar Yusif MUKHTAROV; Mrs. Nargiz Fikret Rahimkhanova
Third Secretary

Ms. Aygun Tofig Gizi SAMADOVA


Colonel Dashdamir Mammadaga Ogul MAMMADOV; Mrs. Yegana Qudrat Qizi Mammadova
Defense, Military, Naval & Air Attache

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