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Fiji -- France



Embassy of the Republic of Fiji Islands
CHANCERY: 2233 Wisconsin Avenue, NW 240, 20007.
202-337-8320, (FAX 202-337-1996)

Mr. Maheshwar RAO; Mrs. Roshni Lata Rao
First Secretary (Charge D'Affaires Ad Interim)


Mr. Paula Bolaqace NAVUNISARAVI; Mrs. Megan Frances Navunisaravi
Second Secretary

Embassy of Finland
CHANCERY: 3301 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 20008.
202-298-5800, (FAX 202-298-6030)

His Excellency Jaakko LAAJAVA; Mrs. Pirjo Riitta Laajava
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr. Teemu TANNER; Mrs. Kirsimarja Annika Tanner
Minister (Deputy Chief of Mission)


Mr. Olli Pekka JALONEN; Mrs. Heta Pauliina Karinkanta

Ms. Anna Liisa KORHONEN

Mr. Manu VIRTAMO; Mrs. Liisa Virtamo

Mrs. Kristiina HELENIUS; Mr. Mika Hentunen
Counselor (Press)

Mr. Kari Kaarlo Kristian JANHUNEN; Mrs. Hilkka Helena Janhunen
Counselor (Financial)

Mr. Kari Juhani KOMULAINEN; Mrs. Ansa Eliisa Salmesvirta
Counselor (Science & Technology)

Mr. Jarno Veli Antero SYRJALA
Counselor (Political)
Mrs. Tuula YRJO KOSKINEN SMITH; Mr. Steven Smith
Counselor (Cultural)

Mr. Mikko KINNUNEN; Mrs. Vicky Lau Kinnunen
Second Secretary (Political)

Mr. Kari KESKINEN; Mrs. Mervi Keskinen
Attache (Science & Technology)

Miss Tiina Annika NELIN
Attache (Consular)

Mr. Kimmo NIKKINEN; Mrs. Rauni Murtovaara Nikkinen
Attache (Administrative)

Attache (Science & Technology)


Colonel Jan Olli LAUKKA; Mrs. Marja Helmi Marketta Laukka
Defense, Military, Naval & Air Attache

Lieutenant Colonel Heikki Ilmari VALIVEHMAS; Mrs. Kaisa Valivehmas
Asst. Defense, Military, Naval & Air Attache

Embassy of France
CHANCERY: 4101 Reservoir Road, NW 20007
202-944-6000, (FAX 202-944-6166)

His Excellency Francois V. BUJON; Mrs. Anne M. Bujon
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr. Francois BARRY DELONGCHAMPS; Mrs. Annie Barry Delongchamps
Minister (Deputy Chief of Mission)


Mr. Jean Francois BOITTIN; Mrs. Sarah Leith Boittin*
Minister (Economic & Commercial)

Mr. Jacques MISTRAL
Minister (Financial)

Mr. Philippe AUTIE; Mrs. Marianne Autie
Mr. Regis Pierre BABINET
Counselor (Nuclear Energy)

Ms. Christine Marguerite BENARD
Counselor (Science & Technology)

Mr. Claude BERLIOZ; Mrs. Michelle Berlioz

Mr. Jean Michel BOUR; Mrs. Laurette Bour
Counselor (Transportation)

Mr. Jacques CHAMPAGNE DE LABRIOLLE; Mrs. Marine Champagne De Labriolle

Mr. Serge COUVREUR; Mrs. Catherine Couvreur
Counselor (Commercial)

Mr. Francois DELATTRE; Mrs. Marie Sophie A. L'helias Delattre
Counselor (Press & Information)

Mr. Renaud Andre GACE
Counselor (Customs)

Mr. Denis Emmanuel GARDIN; Mrs. Sophie Marie Gardin
Counselor (Commercial)

Mr. Pierre GUIGNARD; Mrs. Maria Carmen Guignard
Counselor (Chief of Staff to Ambassador)

Mr. Philippe Andre LALLIOT; Mrs. Laurence Valerie Folliot Lalliot

Mr. Michel Norbert LAVOLLAY; Mrs. Afsaneh Bassir Pour
Counselor (Health)

Ms. Christiane MARECHAL; Mr. Jean Jacques Marechal
Counselor (Tax)

Mr. Hubert MARTIN; Mrs. Dianna Martin*
Counselor (Labor & Social)

Mr. Christian Georges MENOU; Mrs. Danielle Menou
Counselor (Paymaster General-Comptroller)

Mr. Gilles MONTAGNIER; Mrs. Virginia Montagnier
Counselor and Consul General

Mr. Lionel POTTIER; Mrs. Annie Pottier
Mr. Bernard RABATEL

Mrs. Claire Michele THIRRIOT KWANT; Mr. Johan Geert Kwant
Counselor (Commercial)

Mr. Georges Andre TOUCHAIS; Mrs. Dominique Marie Touchais

First Secretary

Mr. Philippe ERRERA; Mrs. Marie Julie Errera
First Secretary

Mrs. Christine GRENIER; Mr. Frederic Bernard Grenier
First Secretary

Ms. Bernadette Marie GREZES
First Secretary and Consul

Mr. Philippe LACOSTE; Mrs. Rabia Lacoste
First Secretary

First Secretary

Mr. Remi MARECHAUX; Mrs. Marie Celine Marechaux
First Secretary

Mrs. Pascale PFIFFER; Mr. Frank Pfiffer
First Secretary

Mr. Jean Yves TEXIER
First Secretary

Mrs. Annick BEN ALLUCH; Mr. Dris Ben Alluch
Third Secretary

Mr. Philippe HIDOUX; Mrs. Brigitte Hidoux
Third Secretary

Mr. Philippe HUBERT
Third Secretary

Third Secretary

Mr. Dominic YEDDOU
Third Secretary
Mr. Xavier BONNET; Mrs. Berengere Marie Bonnet
Attache (Financial)

Mr. Edmond Jean BOULLAY; Mrs. Jeanne Roberte Boullay
Attache (Civil Aviation Safety)

Mr. Philippe BUGEAUD; Mrs. Brigitte Bugeaud
Attache (Police)

Mrs. Marie Helene Jeanne FORGET; Mr. Louis Forget
Attache (Legal)

Mr. Serge HAGEGE; Mrs. Monica Mccarthy
Attache (Scientific)

Mr. Frank PFIFFER; Mrs. Pascale Pfiffer

Mr. Vincent Guy SABATHIER; Mrs. Danelle Marie Sabathier*
Attache (Space)

Ms. Anne Marie SEGUIER
Attache and Vice Consul


Major General Daniel BASTIEN; Mrs. Marie Cecile Bastien
Defense Attache

Brigadier General Jose D'ANTIN; Mrs. Diane D'antin
Defense Cooperation Attache

Colonel Vincent DESPORTES; Mrs. Anne Marie Desportes
Military Attache

Captain Michel DE MONVAL; Mrs. Pascale De Monval
Naval Attache

Colonel Jean Luc DELON; Mrs. Micheline Delon
Air Attache

Captain Francois COURSAULT; Mrs. Celine Coursault
Asst. Defense Cooperation Attache

Colonel Jacques Francois ROUJANSKY; Mrs. Helene Marie Roujansky
Asst. Defense Cooperation Attache & Asst. Air Attache

Colonel Patrick TICHIT; Mrs. Louise Marie Tichit
Asst. Defense & Military Attache
Captain Jean Marc GERBIER; Mrs. Beatrice Gerbier
Asst. Naval Attache

Lieutenant Commander Denis LIZANDIER; Mrs. Marie France Lizandier
Asst. Naval Attache

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