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Haiti -- Hungary



Embassy of the Republic of Haiti
CHANCERY: 2311 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 20008.
202-332-4090, (FAX 202-745-7215)

Mr. Louis Harold JOSEPH
Minister-Counselor (Charge D'Affaires Ad Interim)

Mrs. Denise JEAN-LOUIS; Mr. Robert Jean-Louis

Mr. Raymond VALCIN; Mrs. Marie Claude L. Valcin

Mr. Antoine H. ELIACIN; Mrs. Dylia M. Eliacin
Counselor (Consular)

Mr. Lionel Leonard LAVIOLETTE
Counselor (Cultural & Information)

Mrs. Madeline Altagrace PIERRE DUPITON
Counselor (Economic & Financial)

First Secretary

Mrs. Gisele DEPESTRE
First Secretary (Consular)

Mrs. Marie Claude MALEBRANCHE; Mr. Claude Malebranche
First Secretary (Commercial)

Mr. John Herve PIERREMONT; Mrs. Dominique Pierremont
First Secretary (Cultural)

Mrs. Raymonde PREVAL BELOT
First Secretary

Apostolic Nunciature
CHANCERY: 3339 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 20008.
202-333-7121, (FAX 202-337-4036)

His Excellency Gabriele MONTALVO
Apostolic Nuncio


Reverend Renato Raffaele MARTINO
Monsignor Angelo BECCIU

Monsignor Francis CAO MINH DUNG

Reverend Peter Gerard MAGEE

Monsignor Cecilio Julian B. ROTOR
Second Secretary

Embassy of Honduras
CHANCERY: 3007 Tilden Street, NW 4-M, 20008.
202-966-7702, (FAX 202-966-9751)

His Excellency Dr. Hugo NOE PINO; Mrs. Vivian Noe
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr. Jose Benjamin ZAPATA; Mrs. Susan Mary Zapata
Minister (Deputy Chief of Mission)

Mr. Ramon CUSTODIO; Mrs. Mei Ling M. Lavecchia*

Mr. Salvador E. RODEZNO; Mrs. Elizabeth R. Rodezno*
Minister (Political)

Mr. David HERNANDEZ; Mrs. Xochitl Noemi Salgado Alvarez
Counselor (Consular)


Mr. Sergio MONCADA
Counselor (Tourism)

Mr. Juan Manuel POSSE
Counselor (Cultural)

Ms. Cynthia ROMERO
First Secretary


Colonel Efrain GUTIERREZ
Defense, Military, Naval & Air Attache


Consular Section
1612 K Street, NW Suite 310, 20005.
(FAX 202-223-0202)

Embassy of the Republic of Hungary
CHANCERY: 3910 Shoemaker Street, NW 20008.
202-362-6730, (FAX 202-966-8135)

His Excellency Dr. Geza JESZENSZKY; Mrs. Edit Jeszenszky
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr. Jozsef TOTH; Mrs. Maria Tothne Urbanszki
Minister (Deputy Chief of Mission)


Dr. Zsolt HORVATH; Dr. Julianna Horvath
Mr. Laszlo BAGI; Mrs. Laszlone Bagi
Counselor and Consul

Mr. Andras DEKANY; Mrs. Eszter Dekanyne Deak
Counselor (Political)

Mr. Peter HORVATH; Mrs. Julia Horvathne Bago
Counselor (Commercial)

Mr. Barnabas NEMETH; Mrs. Erzsebet Nemeth
Counselor (Commercial N.Y.)

Dr. Janos ROZSA; Mrs. Agnes Csige

Dr. Ferenc SZEBENYI; Mrs. Ferencne Szebenyi
Counselor (Political)

Mr. Gabor TURI; Dr. Magdolna Balkanyi
Counselor (Press)

Dr. Gyongyike JOZSANE SZENAKY; Dr. Fabian Jozsa
First Secretary

Mr. Gabor CSABA; Mrs. Edit Csaba
Second Secretary

Mr. Andras ROBOZ; Mrs. Krisztina Edit Manyik
Second Secretary (Science & Technology)

Mrs. Maria ALTUSZNE HUSZAR; Mr. Imre Altusz
Attache (Finance & Administration)


Colonel Istvan GYENES; Mrs. Marta Gyenesne Markos
Defense, Military & Air Attache

Lieutenant Colonel Andras KOVACS; Mrs. Erzsebet Kovacsne Mihalecz
Asst. Defense, Military & Air Attache


Commercial Office
2401 Calvert Street, NW Suite 1021, 20008.

Commercial Office
150 East 58th Street, 33rd Floor, NY, NY 10155-3398.
(FAX 212-486-2958)

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