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Seychelles -- Spain



Embassy of the Republic of Seychelles
CHANCERY: 800 2nd Avenue, 400C, 10017.
212-972-1785, (FAX 212-972-1786)

His Excellency Claude Sylvestre MOREL;Mrs. Rose Margaret Morel
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Embassy of Sierra Leone
CHANCERY: 1701 19th Street, NW 20009.
202-939-9261, (FAX 202-483-1793)

His Excellency John Ernest LEIGH; Mrs. Elizabeth Margaret Leigh*
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary


Mr. Hassan Mohamed CONTEH; Mrs. Fatmata E. Conteh
Counselor (Head of Chancery)

Mr. James George CAULKER; Mrs. Marian R. Caulker
First Secretary (Economic)

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore
CHANCERY: 3501 International Place, NW 20008.
202-537-3100, (FAX 202-537-0876)

Her Excellency Heng Chee CHAN
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr. Ka Leung LOH; Mrs. Seow Hong Lee
Counselor (Deputy Chief of Mission)

Mr. Ah Bang LEO; Ms. Guek Lan Wong

Mr. Jee See HENG; Dr. Wendy Diana Bokhorst

Mr. Balagopal NAIR; Mrs. Cecilia Khoo
Counselor (Economic)

Miss Premarani SOMASUNDRAM

Mr. Peng Yam TAN; Mrs. Huey Lih Heng
Counselor (Defense Technology)

Mr. Jaime Chun Wei HO; Mrs. Hwee Peng Ong
First Secretary

Ms. Li Peng KOK
First Secretary (Political)

Mr. Yuin Chien LIM; Ms. Yun May Chan
First Secretary (Information)

Mr. Chung Hoe NG
First Secretary (Defense & Technical)

Mr. Noureddin SYED
First Secretary (Political)

Mr. Kok Nam TAN; Mrs. Lye Chun Tan Yeong
First Secretary

Mr. Soon Kim TAN
First Secretary (Economics)

Mr. Wee Hock TAN; Mrs. Tang Ling Lee
First Secretary (Defense Technology)

Ms. Jia Maan HOH
Second Secretary

Ms. Lai Peng Evadne CHAN


Brigadier General Kok Hua LOH; Mrs. Audrey Teo Loh
Defense, Military, Naval & Air Attache

Lieutenant Colonel K. N. Luke LEE
Assistant Defense, Military, Naval & Air Attache

Embassy of the Slovak Republic
CHANCERY: 3523 International Court, NW 20008.
202-237-1054, (FAX 202-237-6438)

His Excellency Martin BUTORA; Mrs. Zora Butorova
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr. Milan JEZOVICA; Mrs. Adelinda Jezovicova
Minister-Counselor (Deputy Chief of Mission)


Mr. Peter LACH; Mrs. Valeria Lachova
Counselor (Commercial N.Y.)

Counselor (Political)

Mr. Igor OTCENAS; Mrs. Anna Otcenasova
First Secretary

Mr. Igor PACOLAK; Mrs. Monika Pacolakova
First Secretary

Mr. Filip VAGAC
First Secretary

First Secretary (Press)

Mr. Milan VOJTKO; Mrs. Marta Vojtkova
First Secretary

Mr. Roman MICHALCIK; Mrs. Janka Michalcikova
Attache (Communication)


Colonel Radomil PECA; Mrs. Jana Pecova
Defense, Military & Air Attache

Captain Miroslav NOVAK
Assistant Defense, Military & Air Attache


Defense, Military and Air Attache
3523 International Court, NW 20008.
(Phone/Fax: 202-363-3158)

Commercial Section
10 E. 40th Street, Suite 3606, 10016.
(FAX 212-679-7045)

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia
CHANCERY: 1525 New Hampshire Avenue, NW 20036.
202-667-5363, (FAX 202-667-4563)

His Excellency Dr. Davorin KRACUN; Mrs. Andreja Kracun
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Ms. Jasna GERSAK; Mr. Boris Gersak
Minister (Deputy Chief of Mission)


Mr. Mirko CIGLER; Mrs. Mojca Cigler

Mr. Miklavz BORSTNIK; Mrs. Irena Borstnik
Counselor (Political)

Ms. Andreja PURKART MARTINEZ; Mr. Ronald James Martinez*
Second Secretary

Mr. Jurij RIFELJ
Second Secretary

Mrs. Simona LESKOVAR; Mr. Bernard Markovic
Third Secretary


Brigadier Janez KAVAR; Mrs. Cvetka Kavar
Defense, Military, Naval & Air Attache

Embassy of the Solomon Islands
CHANCERY: 800 2nd Avenue, 400L, 10017.
212-599-6192, (FAX 212-661-8925)

Mr. Jeremiah MANELE; Mrs. Jocelyn Manele
Counselor (Charge D'affaires Ad Interim)

Embassy of the Republic of South Africa
CHANCERY: 3051 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 20008.
202-232-4400, (FAX 202-265-1607)

Her Excellency Makate Sheila SISULU; Mr. Lungie Anthony Sisulu
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr. Ronald Thandabantu G. NHLAPO; Mrs. Mathokoza Millicent Nhlapo
Minister (Deputy Chief of Mission)


Ms. Nomaxabiso Maureen MAJOKWENI Minister (Economic)

Mr. Manala Elias MANZINI
Minister (Political)

Mrs. Fezeka Blossom MASIZA; Mr. Derrick Thozamile Masiza
Minister (Administration)

Dr. Glaudine Jacoba MTSHALI
Minister (Health)

Mr. Sheldon Clive MOULTON; Mrs. Anna Marie Moulton

Mr. Daniel Thamaga NGWEPE
Counselor (Political)

Mr. John R. ROGERS; Mrs. Anna J. Rogers

Mr. Clement Maxwell CAMERON; Mrs. Matilda Cameron
First Secretary

Mr. Andre Pieter DU PLESSIS; Mrs. Letha Petro Du Plessis
First Secretary

Mr. Pradeep MAHARAJ
First Secretary (Media)

Mrs. Anna Marie MOULTON; Mr. Sheldon Clive Moulton
First Secretary

Ms. Maria Margaretha VAN TONDER; Mr. Terence Stanley Esterhuizen
First Secretary (Administrative)

Mrs. Matilda CAMERON; Mr. Clement Maxwell Cameron
Second Secretary (Administrative)

Mrs. Lezile WATSON; Mr. Shaun Henry Watson
Second Secretary

Mr. Shaun Henry WATSON; Mrs. Lezile Watson
Second Secretary (Political)

Mr. Rudzani Godfrey MULAUDZI
Third Secretary (Political)

Third Secretary

Mr. Josiel Motumisi TAWANA
Third Secretary (Political)

Mr. Allan Boscawen WRIGHT
Third Secretary

Ms. Elizabeth Hester BARNARDT

Mrs. Sheree FOURIE; Mr. Deon Fourie

Mr. Gerrit Frederick JANSEN; Mrs. Renette Jansen


Colonel Raymond Thabo MARUTLE; Mrs. Mary Mmakgosi Marutle
Defense & Military Attache

Captain Derek John CHRISTIAN; Mrs. Jeannette Christian
Naval Attache & Assistant Defense Attache

Colonel Jan Willem MIENIE; Mrs. Elsie Mienie
Air Attache


Agricultural Office
4301 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 200, 20008.
(FAX 202-363-8620)

Public Affairs Office
4301 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 200, 20008.
(FAX 202-232-3402)

Technical Office
4301 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 200, 20008.
(FAX 202-364-6008)

Embassy of Spain
CHANCERY: 2375 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 20037.
202-452-0100, (FAX 202-833-5670)

His Excellency Javier RUPEREZ; Mrs. Rakela Cerovic
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr. Felix VALDES; Mrs. Maria Cristina Diago Brull
Minister (Deputy Chief of Mission)


Mr. Juan M. R. DE TERREROS; Mrs. Carmen Fuente Salvador
Minister (Cultural)

Counselor and Consul General

Mr. Jose Alberto AZCONA OLIVERA; Mrs. Maria Transito Abrain Rodriguez
Counselor (Economic & Commercial)

Mr. Javier CARBAJOSA; Mrs. Maria Jesus Murciego

Mr. Felipe DE LA MORENA; Mrs. Patricia Almudena Bernar

Mr. Luis Maria ESTERUELAS; Mrs. Juliana Burke
Counselor (Agriculture, Fisheries & Food)

Mr. Francisco GUERRA; Mrs. Isabel Carbonell
Counselor (Commercial)

Mr. Juan Antonio M. BURGOS; Mrs. Belen Garteiz Goxeascoa

Mr. Manuel MORENO; Mrs. Estela Garcia
Counselor (Economic & Commercial)

Mr. Eliseu ORIOL PAGES; Mrs. Montserrat Puiggali Torrento

Mr. Dario POLO
Counselor (Economic & Administrative)

Mr. Enrique SANCHEZ BLANCO; Mrs. Lourdes Gomez Gil Aizpurua
Counselor (Financial)

Mr. Juan Ignacio SELL; Mrs. Genoveva Fernandez

Mr. Florentino SOTOMAYOR; Mrs. Maria Teresa Suarez
Counselor (Information)

Mr. Alberto BARCIELA
Attache (Information)

Mrs. Paloma Maria CONDE; Mr. Miguel Ignacio Herreros De Tejada

Mr. Luis Manuel GARCIA; Mrs. Marta Betolaza

Mr. Candido MONTALVO; Mrs. Christine Marin
Attache (Consular)

Mr. Andres OTERO PINARDO; Mrs. Maria Lopez Salmon

Mr. Alfonso PINO
Attache (Agricultural)

Mr. Gonzalo PIZARRO; Mrs. Maria Alina Cuervo Arango Pulin

Mr. Jose A. RIERA; Mrs. Maria Pia De-Luca
Attache (Administrative)

Attache (Commercial)


Rear Admiral Teodoro E. DE LESTE; Mrs. Gabriela M. Ramirez
Defense Attache

Colonel Gonzalo DE RIVA GARCIA; Mrs. Blanca Solla Santos
Defense Cooperation Attache

Colonel Angel Fernando PEREZ UTRILLA; Mrs. Nieves Del Cojo
Military Attache

Captain Francisco J. GIL DE SOLA; Mrs. Marta Letang Benjumeda
Naval Attache

Colonel Carlos SEBASTIA CAMARASA; Mrs. Maria Teresa Rodero Garcia
Air Attache

Major Luis Alberto CASTILLA GARCIA; Mrs. Adela Gamboa Delgado
Assistant Defense Cooperation Attache

Mr. Juan Carlos SANCHA; Ms. Paloma Oria De Rueda
Assistant Defense Cooperation Attache

Major Jose Luis SANCHEZ; Ms. Begona Corujo
Assistant Defense Cooperation Attache


Air Attache Office
4801 Wisconsin Avenue, NW 3rd Floor, 20016.

Defense and Defense Cooperation Attache Offices
4801 Wisconsin Avenue, 4th Floor, 20016.

Economic and Commercial Affairs Office
2558 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 20008.
(FAX 202-265-9478)

Military Attache Office
4801 Wisconsin Avenue, NW 3rd Floor, 20016.

Naval Attache Office
4801 Wisconsin Avenue, NW 3rd Floor, 20016.

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