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FY 2005 Performance Summary (The Plan)
Bureau of Resource Management
February 2004



The Department of State Fiscal Year 2005 Performance Summary, submitted to the President, the Congress, and the American public, describes what the Department plans to accomplish to achieve its mission, vision, long-term strategic goals, and performance goals during FY 2005. This plan satisfies the reporting requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GPRA).


The Performance Summary is divided into the following seven sections:

  1. Benefit to the American Public: This section summarizes the benefits provided to the American people through pursuit of each of the Department's twelve strategic goals.
  1. Major Crosscutting Efforts: This section describes the major issues on which the Department works with other agencies to resolve.
  1. Management Landscape: This section describes the Department's major management/ organizational priorities including the following:

  • President's Management Agenda (PMA) Initiatives: This section provides an update as to how the Department is addressing the PMA initiatives designed to create a results-oriented and efficient federal government.
  • Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) Status: This section provides an update on the PART evaluations conducted by the Office of Management and Budget.
  • Management Challenges: The General Accounting Office and the Department's Office of the Inspector General have identified Management Challenges that specify areas where the Department needs to improve. This section describes the challenges and the actions that the Department has initiated to make the necessary improvements.
  1. Performance Management - A Leadership Priority: This section describes the performance management methodology or approach used by the Department.
  1. Strategic Planning Framework: This section presents the Department's strategic planning framework. The framework enables the Department to more effectively prioritize its work in a constantly changing international environment, with particular emphasis on the role of the Department's leadership within the Performance Management process.
  1. Strategic Goal Chapters: Each of the Department's twelve strategic goals is presented in a separate chapter organized as follows:

  • Public Benefit: This narrative summarizes how the pursuit of the strategic goal benefits the American people.
  • Resource Summary: Aggregate funding and staffing totals devoted to activities that support the strategic goal.
  • Strategic Goal Context: A matrix showing the relationship between the performance goals, initiatives/programs, resources, bureaus and partners that contribute to accomplishment of the strategic goal.
  • Performance Summary: The performance summary section is divided as follows:
  • Annual Performance Goals: These represent the Department's priorities and more specifically, the medium term goals that lead to accomplishment of the longer-term strategic goals.
  • Initiatives/Programs (I/P): Specific functional and/or policy areas, including OMB PART programs within which significant and tangible indicators and performance targets can be identified.
  • Indicators: Each I/P contains specific indicators used to measure progress and targets that represent the specific desired level of performance to be achieved. Those that measure progress related to specific PART programs are specifically and clearly identified with the following symbol: (P)
  • Means for Achieving FY 2005 Targets: For each target outlined within the indicator section, a description of the steps to be taken to achieve the given FY 2005 target.
  • Illustrative Examples of FY 2003 Achievements: Examples of key achievements in FY 2003 that are typical of the Department's work in support of the goal.
  • Data Verification/Validation by Performance Goal: This explains how the results data used to measure FY 2005 performance will be verified and validated.
  • Resource Detail: Tables showing the funding levels related to activities supporting the given strategic goal. Funding levels are shown for FY 2003, 2004, and 2005 for both State Appropriations and Foreign Operations funding. Information shown identifies the level of Department support by Bureau and by funding account.
  1. PART Tables: A series of tables describing the status of the PART Programs thus far.
Resources by Strategic Goal: The final section of the Performance Summary consists of two spreadsheets depicting resources and staffing for all strategic goals. The first spreadsheet depicts the Appropriation Act resources and the second the Foreign Operations resources.

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