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Glossary of Acronyms

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2003


A/LM — Logistics Management

AACR — African Armed Conflicts Resolved

AAMVA — American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

ABM — Anti-Ballistic Missile

ACDA — Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

ACOTA — African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance Program

ACI — Andean Counterdrug Initiative

ACS — Access Control Systems

ADB — Asian Development Bank

AF — African Affairs

AGA — Association of Government Accountants

AIDS — Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

APEC — Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum

AphA — American Pharmaceutical Association

API — Advance Passenger Information

ASEAN — Association of Southeast Asian Nations

ATA — Anti-Terrorism Assistance

AU — African Union

AV — Armored Vehicle


BBG — Broadcasting Board of Governors

BCC — Border Crossing Card

BCBP — Bureau of Customs and Border Protection

BIC — Bilateral Implementation Commission

BII — Bioindustry Initiative

BIMC — Beltsville Information Management Center

BITs — Bilateral Investment Treaties

BPP — Bureau Performance Plan

BPR — Business Process Reegineering

BSC — Balance Score Card

BW — Biological Weapons

BWC — Biological Weapons Convention


C&A — Certification and Accreditation

CA — Consular Affairs

CAFTA — U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement

CBM — Confidence Building Measures

CBP — Customs and Border Protection

CBW — Chemical and Biological Weapons

CCD — Consular Consolidated Database

CCP — Classified Connectivity Program

CD — Community of Democracies

CDC — U.S. Center for Disease Control

CSD — U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development

CEA — Council of Economic Advisors

CEAR — Certification of Excellence in Accountability Reporting

CEQ — Council on Environmental Quality

CFE — Conventional Forces in Europe

CFMS — Central Financial Management System

CFO — Chief Financial Officer

CFP — Common Fisheries Policy

CFPS — Central Financial Planning System

CFT — Customer Focus Team

CGSS — Consultative Group on Strategic Security

CHR — Commission on Human Rights

CIA — Central Intelligence Agency

CIO — Chief Information Officer

CIP — Critical Infrastructure Protection

CIS — Commonwealth of Independent States

CIS — Consular Information Sheets

CITEL — Inter-American Telecommunications Commission

CITES — Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora

CJCS — Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

CMR — Crude Mortality Rates

CNC — CIA Crime and Narcotic Center

COE — Council of Europe

CPA — Certified Public Accounting

CPDF — Central Personnel Data File

CPPNM — Physical Protection Convention

CRDF — U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation

CRMS — Central Resource Management System

CS — Civil Service

CSBMs — Confidence and Security Building Measures

CSCS — Capital Security Cost Sharing

CSD — United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development

CSG — Counter-Terrorism Security Group

CSH — Child Survival & Health Programs Fund

CSI — Container Security Initiative

CT — Counterterrorism

CW — Chemical Weapons

CWC — Chemical Weapons Convention

CY — Calendar Year


D&CP — Diplomatic and Consular Programs

DA — Development Assistance

DEA — Drug Enforcement Agency

DHHS — Department of Health and Human Services

DHS — Department of Homeland Security

DIA — Defense Intelligence Agency

DOC — Department of Commerce

DoD — Department of Defense

DOE — Department of Energy

DOI — Department of the Interior

DOJ — Department of Justice

DOL — Department of Labor

DoPs — Declaration of Principles

DOS — Department of State

DOT — Department of Transportation

DPRK — Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea)

DRC — Democratic Republic of the Congo

DRI — Diplomatic Readiness Initiative

DRL — Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor

DS — Diplomatic Security

DSM — Domestic Staffing Model

DTRA — Defense Threat Reduction Agency


EAP — Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs

EC — Economic Community

ECA — Education and Cultural Affairs

ECOWAS — Economic Community of West African States

EIPC — Enhanced International Peacekeeping Capabilities

EOD — Explosive Ordinance Detection

EPA — Environmental Protection Agency

ERMA — Emergency Refugee & Migration Assistance

ESDI — European Security and Defense Initiative

ESDP — European Security and Defense Program

ESF — Economic Support Fund

EU — European Union

EUR — Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs

EX — Executive Office

EXIM — Export Import Bank


FAIR Act — Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act

FAO — United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

FAS — Foreign Agricultural Service

FASAB — Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

FATF — Financial Action Task Force

FBI — Federal Bureau of Investigations

FCC — Federal Communications Commission

FDD — Forces for the Defense of Democracy

FEMA — Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEST — Foreign Emergency Support Team

FFMIA — Federal Financial Management Improvement Act

FISMA — Federal Information Security Management Act

FMF — Foreign Military Financing

FMFIA — Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act

FMFS — Fissile Material Storage Facility

FOIA — Freedom of Information Act

FOTA — Future of the Alliance

FPC — Foreign Press Center

FR — Facial Recognition

FROG — Free Rocket Over Ground

FRUS — Foreign Relations of the United States

FS — Foreign Service

FSA — Assistance for the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union

FSAT — Financial Systems Assessment Teams

FSC — Financial Service Center

FSI — Foreign Service Institute

FSRA — Foreign Service Retirement Actuarial

FSRDF — Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund

FSWE — Foreign Service Written Exam

FTA — Free Trade Agreements

FTAA — Free Trade of the Americas

FTO — Foreign Terrorist Organizations

FY — Fiscal Year


G-8 — Group of Eight (major industrialized nations)

GAAP — Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GAO — U. S. General Accounting Office

GCA — Global Coalition for Africa

GCI — Growth Competitiveness Index

GDIN — Global Disaster Information Network

GEF — Global Environmental Facility

GFATM — Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

GGCL — Government -to-Government Communications Links

GHSAG — Global Health Security Action Group

GIF — Generation IV International Forum

GMRA — Government Management Reform Act

GPO — Government Printing Office

GPRA — Government Performance and Results Act

GSA — General Services Administration

GWOT — Global War on Terrorism


HACU — Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities

HBCU — Historically Black Colleges & Universites

HCI/Base — Pure Cocaine

HHS — Health and Human Services

HIV — Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HIV/AIDS — Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

HMA — Humanitarian Mine Action

HR — Human Rights

HRDF — Human Rights and Democracy Fund

HRR — Human Rights Report

HSC — Homeland Security Council

HST — Harry S Truman Building


I/P — Initiative/Program

IAA — Inter-country Adoption Act of 2000

IACAC — Continued Implementation of the Inter-American Anticorruption Convention

IAEA — International Atomic Energy Agency

IBB — International Board of Broadcasting

IBWC — International Boundary and Water Commission

IC — Intelligence Community

ICAO — The International Civil Aviation Organization

ICASS — International Cooperative Administrative Support Services

ICCAT — International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas

ICOC — International Code of Conduct

ICRC — International Committee of the Red Cross

ICRI — International Coral Reef Initiative

IDPs — Internally Displaced Persons

IEA — International Energy Agency

IFIs — International Financial Institution

IG — Inspector General

IHR — International Health Regulations

ILEAs — International Law Enforcement Academies

ILMS — Integrated Logistics Management System

ILO — International Labour Organization

IMET — International Military Education & Training

IMF — International Monetary Fund

INA — Integrated Notification application

INCLE — International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement

INS — Immigration and Naturalization Service

IO — International Organizations

IO&P — International Organizations & Programs

IOB — Interim Office Building

IOC — Initial Operating Capability

IOM — International Organization for Migration

IPR — Intellectual Property Rights

IRF — International Religious Freedom

IRFA — International Religious Freedom Act

ISTC — International Science and Technology Center

IT — Information Technology

ITU — International Telecommunication Union

IUCN — International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

IUU — Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported

IWC — International Whaling Commission


JCG — Joint Consultative Group

JCIC — Joint Compliance and Inspection Commission

JCS — Joint Chiefs of Staff (DoD)

JFMIP — Joint Financial Management Improvement Program


KCC — Kentucky Consular Center

KFOR — Kosovo Force

KM — Knowledge Management


LACP — League of American Communications Professionials

LDPs — Language Designated Positions

LOC — Lines of Control

LROBP — Long-Range Overseas Buildings Plan

LTTE — Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam


MANPADS — Shoulder-fired Missiles

MAP — Membership Action Plan

MCA — Millennium Challenge Account

MCC — Millennium Challenge Corporation

MCGK — The Department's Chinese-language Internet Service Meiguo Cankao

MCSC — Management Control Steering Committee

MD&A — Management's Discussion and Analysis

MEPI — Middle East Partnership Initiative

MFA — Ministry of Foreign Affairs

MOU — Memorandum of Understanding

MOX — Mixed Oxide

MPP — Mission Performance Plan

MRA — Migration and Refugee Assistance

MRTDs — Machine Readable Travel Documents

MRV — Machine Readable Visa

MSP — Managing State Projects

MTCR — Missile Technology Control Regime


N/A — Not applicable

NADR — Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining and Related Programs

NAFTA — North American Free Trade Agreement

NAPHSIS — National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems

NARA — National Archives and Records Administration

NAS — Narcotics Affairs Section

NASA — National Aeronautics and Space Agency

NATO — North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NCCT — Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories

NCMEC — National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

NEA — Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs

NEC — New Embassy Compound

NED — National Endowment for Democracy

NEPAD — The New Partnership for Africa's Development

NGO — Nongovernmental Organizations

NIACAP — National Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Program

NIS —New Independent States

NIST — National Institute of Standards and Technology

NISTCAP — National Institute of Standards and Technology Certification and Accreditation Program

NIV — Non-Immigrant Visa

NOAA — National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

NORINCO — China North Industries Corporation

NP — Bureau of Non Proliferation

NPAC TWG — Nonproliferation and Arms Control Technology Working Group

NPT — Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

NRC — Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRF — NATO Response Force

NRRC — Nuclear Risk Reduction Center

NSA — National Security Agency

NSC — National Security Council

NSF — National Science Foundation

NSG — Nuclear Suppliers Group

NSTISSI — National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Instruction

NTIA — National Telecommunications and Information Administration

NTM — U.S. National Technical Means

NVIS — Nuclear Verification Information System


OAS — Organization of American States

OBO — Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations

OECD — Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OES/IHA — Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs/Office of International Health Affairs

OGE — Office of Government Ethics

OIG — Office of Inspector General

OMB — Office of Management and Budget

ON+ — OpenNet Plus

ONAP — Office of National AIDS Policy

ONDCP — Office of National Drug Control Policy

OP Eds — Opinion Editorials

OPCW — Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

OPIC — Overseas Private Investment Corporation

OPM — Office of Personnel Management

OSAC — Overseas Security Advisory Councils

OSCE — Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

OSD — Office of Secretary of Defense (DoD)

OSIS — Open Sources Information System

OSTP — Office of Science and Technology Policy


P4L — Partnerships for Learning

PA — Bureau of Public Affairs

PAR — Performance and Accountability Report

PART — Program Assessment Rating Tool

PE — Program Evaluation

PESP — Partnership to Eliminate Sweatshops

PIERS — Passport Information Electronic Retrieval System

PKI — Public Key Infrastructure

PKO — Peacekeeping Operations

PM — Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

PM — Prime Minister

PMA — President's Management Agenda

PMO — Program Management Office

PNR — Passenger Name Record

PPRA — Plutonium Production Reactor Agreement

PR — Periodic Reinvestigations

PrepCom II — Preparation Communications

PRISM — Passport Records Imaging System Management

PRM — Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration

PRTR — Pollutant Release and Transfer Register

PSI — Proliferation Security Initiative

PSMC — Peace Support Missions Concluded


R&D — Research and Development

RFMS — Regional Financial Management System

RFP — Request for Proposal

RM — Resource Management Bureau

ROK — Republic of Korea (South Korea)


S&T — Science and Technology

S/CT — Coordinator for Counterterrorism

SA — Bureau of South Asian Affairs

SACU — Southern African Customs Union

SADC — South African Development Community

SALT — Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

SAP — Systems Authorization Plan

SARS — Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

SCI — Secure Compartmentalized Information

SCUD — Short Range Liquid Propellant Surface to Surface Ballistic Missile

SECI — South Eastern Europe Cooperative Initiative

SEED — Support for East European Democracy

SENTRI — Secure Electronic Network for Travelers' Rapid Inspection

SFOR — Stabilization Force

SIPRNET — Secret Internet Protocol Router Network

SMART — State Messaging and Archive Retrieval Toolset

SNAP — Spouse Networking Assistance Program

SOP — Standard Operating Procedures

SPAW — Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife in the Wider Caribbean Marine Environment

SSA — Social Security Administration

SSPP — Systems Security Program Plan

START — Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

STCU — Science and Technology Center in Ukraine

STMS — Student Training Management System


TASO — The AIDS Support Organization

TBD — To Be Determined

TC — IAEA Technical Cooperation Programs

TDA — U. S. Trade and Development Agency

TFCA — Tropical Forest Conservation Agreement

TIFA — Trade and Investment Facilitation Agreements

TIP — Terrorist Interdiction Program

TOC — UN Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime

TOPOFF — National Level Top Officials

TSA — Transportation Security Administration

TSUs — Technical Security Upgrades

TSWG — Technical Support Working Group

TWG — Technical Working Group


U.S. — United States

UIA — United Israel Appeal

UK — United Kingdom

UN — United Nations

UNAIDS — United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS

UNCHR — United Nations Commission on Human Rights

UNCTAD — United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNDP — United Nations Development Program

UNDPKO — United Nations Department for Peacekeeping Operations

UNEP — United Nations Environment Program

UNESCO — United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNFPA — United Nations Population Fund

UNFSA — United Nations Fish Stocks Agreement

UNHCR — United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNICEF — United Nations Children's Fund

UNITA — National Union for the Total Independence of Angola

UNMOVIC — United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission

UNRWA — United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

UNSCR — United Nations Security Council Resolution

USAID — United States Agency for International Development

USCG — United States Coast Guard

USCIRF — United States Commission on International Religious Freedom

USCS — U.S. Customs Service

USDA — United States Department of Agriculture

USED — United States Executive Director

USFWS — U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

USG — United States Government

USIA — United States Information Agency

USINFO — United States Information

USMS — United States Marshal Service

USOSCE — United States Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

USPS — United States Postal Service

USPTO — United States Patent and Trademark Office

USTR — U.S. Trade Representative

USUN — United States Mission to the United Nations


VC — Bureau of Verification and Compliance

VIG — Vaccinia Immune Globulin

VPN — Virtual Private Network

VP — Voluntary Principles for Security and Human Rights


WA — Wassenaar Arrangement

WAIS — Wassenaar Arrangement Information System

WFP — World Food Program

WHA — Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs

WMD — Weapons of Mass Destruction

WMEAT — World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers

WRAPS — Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System

WRC — World Radio Communication Conference

WSSD — World Summit on Sustainable Development

WTO — World Trade Organization

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