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Management of Audit Follow-up

FY 2006 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
November 2006


The information on the Department's follow-up on audit recommendations covers FY 2006. It includes information on the status of recommendations more than one year old without final management decisions as of September 30, 2006. It also includes the dollar value of resolved recommendations in which funds could be put to better use or "questioned costs," as of September 30, 2006.

As of September 30, 2006 there were 22 audit reports that had 47 recommendations resolved without final management decisions that were more than one year old.


Management Statistical Summary
22 Audits Over One Year Old Requiring Final Action
Program Area Number of Audit
Financial Management 11 33
Information Management  -  -
Security Oversight  3  4
International Programs  1  1
Property Management and Procurement  2  4
Contracts and Grants  5
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Status of Audits with Recommendations that Funds Be Put to Better Use and Questioned Costs

Funds Put to Better Use. On October 1, 2005, there were two (2) audit reports with resolved recommendations to put $23,549,000 of funds to better use:

  • AUD/IQO-05-13, issued 2/8/2005, $21,749,000. During FY 2006, Management disagreed and the OIG closed it on 3/15/06.
  • AUD/PPA-04-22, issued and resolved on 4/19/2004 $1,800,000 FPTBU and Management agreed with it on 4/27/2006.

Two (2) audit reports were issued during FY 2006 with recommendations for "better used funds" that were resolved without management decision totaling $9,701,783. One (AUD/PP-06-08) of the two audit reports with a $1.1 Million recommendation was implemented and closed during FY 2006.

Therefore the balance of open recommendations related to "funds put to better use" at the end of FY 2006 was $8,601,783.

Questioned Costs. On October 1, 2005, there were seven (7) audits with resolved recommendations with questioned costs valued at $3,746,953.During the year, four (4) audits were issued that had $2,245,871 of questioned cost recommendations that also were resolved without management decision on 9/30/06.

During FY 2006, management made final decisions and disallowed $538,278 (related to 4 of the 11 reports) and allowed $2,296,415 (related to 2 of the 11 reports). Therefore the balance of open recommendations related to "questioned costs" at the end of FY 2006 was $3,158,131.


Summary of Resolved Recommendations with Either Funds Put To Better Use (FPTBU) or Questioned Costs
  Number of Audit Reports
Identifying FPTBU
Dollar Value
Number of Audit
Reports Identifying
Questioned Costs
Dollar Value
of Questioned
Beginning Balance 10/1/05 2 $23,549,000 7 $3,746,953
Issued during FY 2006 2 +$9,701,783 4 +$2,245,871
Implemented Actions During FY 2006 by Department 3
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Outstanding Ending Balance 9/30/06 1
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