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Glossary of Acronyms

FY 2006 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
November 2006




A — Bureau of Administration (DoS)

ACOTA — African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance

ACI — Andean Counterdrug Initiative

AETN — American Embassy TV Network

AF — Bureau of African Affairs (DoS)

AFR — Bureau of African Affairs (USAID)

AMA — Agreement on Movement and Access

ANE — Bureau of Asian and the Near East (USAID)

APEC — Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

ASEAN — Association of Southeastern Asian Nations

ATA — Anti-Terrorism Assistance

AU — African Union


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BII — Bio-Industry Initiative

BIT — Bilateral Investment Treaty

BWC — Biological Weapons Convention (BWC)


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CA — Bureau of Consular Affairs (DoS)

CAFTA — Central America Free Trade Agreement

CCD — Consular Consolidated Database

CDC — Centers for Disease Control

CEQ — President's Council on Environmental Policy

CFE — Conventional Forces in Europe

CIA — Central Intelligence Agency

CIPA — Contributions for International Peacekeeping Activities

CIO — Contributions to International Organizations

CPA — Comprehensive Peace Agreement

CRS — Office of Reconstruction and Stabilization (DoS)

CSI — Container Security Initiative

CTAG — Counterrorism Action Group

CTC — Counterterrorism Committee

CTED — Counterterrorism Executive Directorate

CWC — Chemical Weapons Convention n


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D&CP — Diplomatic and Consular Programs

DCHA — Bureau of Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance (USAID)

DA — Development Assistance

DEA — Drug Enforcement Agency

DDR — Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration

DIA — Defense Intelligence Agency

DHS — Department of Homeland Security

DOC — U.S. Department of Commerce

DOD — Department of Defense

DOE — U.S. Department of Energy

DOI — U.S. Department of the Interior

DOJ — Department of Justice

DOL — Department of Labor

DOS — U.S. Department of State

DQA — Data Quality Assessments

DRI — Diplomatic Readiness Initiative

DRL — Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DoS)

DS — Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DoS)

DTRA — Defense Threat Reduction Agency


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EAP — Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs (DoS)

EB — Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs (DoS)

ECA — Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (DoS)

ECE — Economic Commission for Europe

ECOWAS — Economic Community of West African States

EGAT — Bureau of Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade (USAID)

EPA — U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

ERMA — Emergency Refugee & Migration Assistance

ESF — Economic Support Fund

EU — European Union

EUR — Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs (DoS)

EXIM — Export-Import Bank


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FAA — Federal Aviation Agency

FAST — Free and Secure Trade Program

FBI — Federal Bureau of Investigations

FMF — Foreign Military Financing

FMFIA — Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act

FSA — Freedom Support Act

FSAT — Financial Systems Assessment Teams

FSI — Foreign Service Institute (DoS)

FTA — Free Trade Agreement

FTE — Full Time Employee


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G-8 — Group of Eight (major industrialized nations)

GAO — Government Accountability Office

GDP — Gross Domestic Product

GH — Bureau of Global Health (USAID)

GHSAG — Global Health Security Action Group

G/IWI — International Women's Issues (DoS)

GMRA — Government Management Reform Act

GPRA — Government Performance and Results Act

G/TIP — Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (DoS)


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HHS — Department of Health and Human Services

HR — Bureau of Human Resources (DoS)

HRDF — Human Rights and Democracy Fund


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IAEA — International Atomic Energy Agency

IBWC — International Boundary and Water Commission

ICAO — International Civil Aviation Organization

ICASS — International Cooperative Administrative Support Services (DoS)

ICRC — International Committee of the Red Cross

IDENT — Automated Biometric Identification System

IDFA — International Disaster and Famine Assistance

IDP — Internally Displaced Persons

IEA — International Energy Agency

IFI — International Financial Institution

IIP — Bureau of International Information Programs (DoS)

ILEA — International Law Enforcement Academies

ILMS — Integrated Logistics Management System

ILO — International Labor Organization

IMET — International Military Education and Training

IMF — International Monetary Fund

IMO — International Maritime Organization

INCLE — International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement

INL — Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (DoS)

INR — Bureau of Intelligence and Research (DoS)

INTERPOL — International Criminal Police Organization

IO — Bureau of International Organizations (DoS)

IOM — International Organization for Migration

I/P — Initiative/Program

IRF — International Religious Freedom

IRM — Bureau of Information Resource Management (DoS)

IRRF — Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund

ISAF — International Security Assistance Force

ISN — International Security and Nonproliferation Bureau (DoS)

ISPS — International Ship and Port Facility Security (UN)

ISTC — International Science and Technology Center

IWC — International Whaling Commission


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JAAMS — Joint Acquisition and Assistance Management System

JFMS — Joint Financial Management System

JMC — Joint Management Council

JPP — Joint Performance Plan


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KFOR — Kosovo Force (NATO)

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LAC — Latin America and the Caribbean (USAID)

LPA — Bureau for Legislative and Public Affairs (USAID)

LROBP — Long-Range Overseas Buildings Plan


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M — Office of the Under Secretary for Management (DoS)

MANPADS — Man Portable Air Defense System

MCA — Millennium Challenge Account

MEPI — Middle East Partnership Initiative


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N/A — Not Applicable

NADR — Nonproliferation, Anti

NAFO — Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization

NAPHSIS — National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems

NARA — National Archives and Records Administration

NATO — North American Trade

NCMEC — National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

NEA — Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (DoS)

NEC — New Embassy Compound

NED — National Endowment for Democracy

NGO — Non Government Organization

NOAA — National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NPT — Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

NRC — U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRF — NATO Response Force

NSC — National Security Council

NSF — National Science Foundation

NSLI — National Security Language Initiative


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OAS — Organization of American States

OBO — Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (DoS)

OECD — Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OES — Bureau of Oceans, International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (DoS)

OFDA — Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID)

OIG — Office of Inspector General

OMB — Office of Management and Budget

OPIC — Overseas Private Investment Corporation

OSCE — Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

OSD — Office of Secretary of Defense


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PA — Bureau of Public Affairs (DoS)

PART — Program Assessment Rating Tool

PEPFAR — President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

PKO — Peacekeeping Operations

PM — Bureau of Political/Military Affairs (DoS)

PMA — President's Management Agenda

PPC — Bureau for Policy and Program Coordination (USAID)

PRM — Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (DoS)

PSI — Proliferation Security Initiative


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R — Bureau of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs (DoS)

RM — Bureau of Resource Management (DoS)


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S/CRS — Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization (DoS)

S/CT — Coordinator for Counterterrorism (DoS)

SCA — Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs (DoS)

SEED — Support for East European Democracy

S/GAC — Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator (DoS)

SMART — State Messaging and Archive Retrieval Toolset


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TI — Transparency International

TIP — Terrorist Interdiction Program


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UN — United Nations

UNAIDS — United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS

UNAMSIL — UN Mission in Sierra Leone

UNCHR — UN Commission on Human Rights

UNCTAD — United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNDPKO — United Nations Department for Peacekeeping Operations

UNDP — UN Development Program

UNESCO — United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNFAO — United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

UNGA — UN General Assembly

UNHCR — UN High Commission for Refugees

UNHRC — UN Human Rights Council

UNICEF — United Nations Children's Fund

UNMIS — UN Mission in Sudan

UNSCR — UN Security Council Resolution

USAID — United States Agency of International Development

USG — U.S. Government

USMS — U.S. Marshals Service

USTR — U.S. Trade Representative


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VCI — Bureau of Verification, Compliance and Implementation (DoS)


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WB — World Bank

WFP — World Food Program

WHA — Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs (DoS)

WHO — World Health Organization

WMD — Weapons of Mass Destruction

WTO — World Trade Organization


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YES — Youth Exchange Study


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