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Budget Introduction

FY 2007 Department of State/USAID Joint Highlights
Bureau of Resource Management
February 2008

The Department of State and USAID are committed to demonstrating the relationship between their budget requests to Congress and the performance of the programs that these budgets support. Both agencies are participating in this year's Pilot Program for Alternative Approaches to Performance and Accountability Reporting, as it fosters mutually supportive presentations of budget and performance information and linkages to the following year's budget.

Within the President's 2009 budget, the Department of State and USAID have requested resources to effectively implement diplomatic and development initiatives in support of the President's highest priority foreign policy goals. These include enhancing global security and combating terrorism; spreading hope and freedom by promoting democratic ideals; helping to reduce global poverty and facilitate free enterprise; and responding to global challenges and humanitarian crises. In addition, the budget promotes the effective and efficient use of resources by eliminating the duplication of overseas services and consolidating administrative support functions related to infrastructure.

The annual budget request to Congress for agency funding is presented in two separate volumes: the Congressional Budget Justification for the Department of State and the Congressional Budget Justification for Foreign Assistance. Both budget requests and key performance measures link directly to the seven strategic goals in the Department of State and USAID Joint Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2007-2012. Although the breadth and complexity of these performance measures preclude linking resources to each one individually, the measures are grouped under clearly defined strategic priority areas, which in turn are linked to resource requests. The pie chart on the following page reflects the combined 2007 State Operations and Foreign Assistance budget by strategic goal and includes a table listing the actual 2007, estimated 2008 and the requested 2009 resources. Following are highlights of the President's FY 2009 International Affairs budget request which represents approximately 1% of the total federal budget.

State Department 2009 Budget - The State Operations budget request totals $11.5 billion and includes resources to support the people, platforms, and programs required by the Department of State to carry out foreign policy, including key components of the Department's operations and infrastructure, as well as U.S. engagement abroad through public diplomacy and international organizations. The request by Secretary Rice reflects the Department's critical role as a national security institution and identifies resources required for diplomatic solutions to national security issues.

Highlights of the State Operations budget include $3.8 billion to strengthen the global operating platform for the U.S. Government and add 500 new positions, and $249 million in a new appropriation to support USG civilian efforts to stabilize and reconstruct post-conflict states. Other highlights include $1.8 billion for security-related construction projects for U.S. embassies and consulates, and $1.2 billion to increase security for diplomatic personnel, property and information. It also includes $1.5 billion for U.S. contributions to 47 international organizations, including the United Nations, and $1.5 billion for the U.S. share of costs for UN peacekeeping.

Foreign Assistance 2009 Budget - The Foreign Assistance budget totals $22.7 billion and reflects a concerted effort to elevate the importance of development as a policy priority. Highlights include $2.3 billion for our critical efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, $4.8 billion for the Global HIV/AIDS Initiative, and $1.7 billion for democracy promotion, including support for the President's Freedom Agenda. Additionally, the budget renews our focus on poverty reduction and strengthens our commitment to Africa and the Western Hemisphere. Other highlights of the Foreign Assistance budget include $5.1 billion for security assistance and $92 million to restore USAID's operational capacity by funding additional staff, supporting more training, and improving information technology.

For additional information and details, please consult the FY 2009 Budget of the U.S. Government at, and the International Affairs Budget Summary and Highlights and the Congressional Budget Justification documents at


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