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Balance Sheet Summary

FY 2007 Department of State/USAID Joint Highlights
Bureau of Resource Management
February 2008

The Condensed Balance Sheets below present each agency's assets, liabilities, and net position. The data reflect intra-agency eliminations, but do not include eliminations between the Department of State and USAID.

The Department of State's total assets increased 13 percent, principally due to increases in Fund Balance with Treasury, real property, and investments in the Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund. The Department's total liabilities increased 11 percent, primarily due to increases in the Foreign Service Retirement Actuarial Liability, the Liability to International Organizations, and deferred revenue for international narcotics control services from the Department of Defense and the Justice Department. The Department's net position increased $3.3 billion from the prior fiscal year. This increase was due to a $1.4 billion growth in unexpended appropriations which resulted from a $1.0 billion and $333 million increase, respectively, in the Global HIV/AIDS and Democracy Fund accounts. In addition there was a $1.8 billion increase in cumulative results of operations resulting from a $1.0 billion increase in real property, net, and $493 million in revenue from the sale of real property in London.

USAID's total assets decreased two percent from the prior fiscal year as a result of the agency not reporting on its statements financial activity related to budget authority allocations from other agencies. USAID's total liabilities reflect a less than one percent decrease from the previous fiscal year. USAID's net position decreased $494.5 million from the previous fiscal year.

As of September 30, 2007
(Dollars in Thousands) STATE USAID
Fund Balance with Treasury $19,778,998 $19,131,357
Investments, Net  14,412,447           -
Property, Plant, and Equipment, Net  10,198,455      88,498
Accounts, Loans and Interest Receivable, Net     618,799   4,590,205
Other Assets     225,130     829,895
Total Assets $45,233,829 $24,639,955
Foreign Service Retirement Actuarial Liability $14,728,700           -
Debt and Due to U.S. Treasury           - $ 4,543,881
Accounts Payable   1,949,924   2,430,058
Loan Guarantee Liability           -   1,823,332
Liability to International Organizations   1,476,596           -
Other Liabilities   1,737,903     636,909
Total Liabilities  19,893,123   9,434,180
Commitments and Contingencies           -       2,940
Net Position:
Unexpended Appropriations  14,553,330  14,787,230
Cumulative Results of Operations  10,817,737     415,605
Total Net Position  25,340,706  15,202,835
Total Liabilities and Net Position $45,233,829 $24,639,955


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