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The President's Management Agenda

FY 2008 Financial Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2008

The President’s Management Agenda (PMA) is the President’s strategy for improving the management and performance of the federal government, with a focus on delivering results. Each quarter, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) releases an executive scorecard that rates agencies’ overall status and progress on PMA initiatives. Since last year’s Agency Financial Report, the Department sustained standards for success for both status and progress in the following three PMA initiatives: Strategic Management of Human Capital, Federal Real Property Asset Management and Right-Sized Overseas Presence. The Department significantly improved its rating in both Competitive Sourcing (now Commercial Services Management) and Performance Improvement. The higher score in Competitive sourcing was based on the successful development of a High Performance Organization plan for IT consolidation. The improvement to green status rating in Performance Improvement was due to integration of performance and budget information in the Congressional Budget Justification. The Department is working to resolve Electronic Government issues. The red status rating for Improved Financial Performance is due to the disclaimer on the Department’s FY 2007 audited financial statements. During FY 2008, we were able to reduce to significant deficiencies the management of undelivered orders and accounting for personal property, both of which were identified in the FY 2007 audit as material weaknesses. For FY 2008, we received an audit report with no material weaknesses. In order to restore the green status for Improved Financial Performance, the Department must achieve an unqualified audit opinion.

A summary of the Department’s FY 2008 Fourth Quarter Scorecard is provided below. For more information on the PMA and the executive scorecard, please visit

PMA Initiative Description Status Progress Change from 2007
Strategic Management of Human Capital Build, sustain, and deploy effectively a skilled, knowledgeable, diverse and high-performing workforce aligned with mission objectives and goals. Green Green no change
Improved Financial Performance World-class financial services that support strategic decision-making, mission performance, and improved accountability to the American people. Red Yellow down
Commercial Services Management (Formerly Competitive Sourcing) Achieve efficient, effective competition between public and private sources and establish infrastructure to support competitions. Green Green up
Performance Improvement Improve the performance and management of the federal government by linking performance to budget decisions and improve performance tracking and management. The ultimate goal is better control of resources and greater accountability over results. Green Green up
Expanded Electronic Government Expand the federal government’s use of electronic technologies (such as e-procurements, e-grants, and e-regulation) so that Americans can receive high-quality government service. Yellow Green down
Federal Real Property Asset Management To promote the efficient and economical use of America’s real property assets. Green Green no change
Right-Sized Overseas Presence (OMB Lead) Reconfigure U.S. Government overseas staff allocation to the minimum necessary to meet U.S. foreign policy goals. Green Green no change
Green Green for success, Yellow Yellow for mixed results, and Red Red for unsatisfactory.


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