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Strategic Goal 2 - Public Benefit and Summary of Performance and Resources

Bureau of Resource Management
May 10, 2010


I. Public Benefit

Photo showing the new virtual courtrooms allowing justice to be imparted in Colombia’s most remote areas.

The new virtual courtrooms allow justice to be imparted in Colombia’s most remote areas. Florida International University/Carlos E. Vargas Camacho Image

Just and democratic governance is important to the U.S. Government and the American public for three interrelated reasons: as a matter of principle, as a contribution to U.S. national security, and as a cornerstone of a broader development agenda. Governments that respect human rights, respond to the needs of their people, and govern by rule of law are more likely to conduct themselves responsibly toward other nations. Effective and accountable democratic states are also best able to promote broad-based and sustainable prosperity. The goal of the U.S. Government is therefore to promote freedom and strengthen effective democracies by assisting countries to move along a continuum toward democratic consolidation. Within this strategic goal, there are four strategic program areas: rule-of-law and human rights, good governance, political competition and consensus-building, and civil society.

II. Summary of Performance and Resources

Pie chart summarizing the FY 2009 results achieved for Strategic Goal 2. Values are: Above target: 3 (16%). Improved, but target not met: 1 (5%). Below target: 3 (16%). Rating not available: 12 (63%). Total number of indicators: 19.

Bar chart summarizing the FY 2009 budget resources  by strategic priority for Strategic Goal 2. Values are ($ in millions): Rule of law and human rights: $1,114. Good governance: $1,220. Political competition and consensus-building: $515. Civil society: $572. Total budget resources: $3,421.

Of the 19 indicators within this Strategic Goal, three met or exceeded targets and four were below target. Ratings are not available for 12 indicators that are either new or for which data are not yet available. The Department of State and USAID allocated $3.4 billion toward this Strategic Goal in FY 2009, which is seven percent of the total State-USAID budget supporting all strategic goals. A more detailed discussion of the priorities under this Strategic Goal and U.S. Government performance for five illustrative indicators is provided in the following section.

Key Selected Achievements

  • The Department supports the work of more than 130 nongovernmental organizations with democracy and human rights foreign assistance programs. The majority of these programs – more than 70% – met or exceeded their program goals.
  • Responding to unanticipated demand, the Department trained 54,835 justice sector personnel worldwide with U.S. assistance.
  • U.S. foreign assistance programs exceeded the target for U.S. assisted political parties working to increase the number of candidates and members who are women, youth, and from marginalized groups.


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