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May 10, 2010


In an increasingly interdependent world, America needs every element of its national power - vigorous diplomacy, targeted development assistance, and a strong military – to be robust and aligned in pursuit of the nation’s foreign policy goals. As part of the President’s FY 2011 budget, the Department of State and USAID have requested resources to strengthen the diplomatic and development elements of America’s national security portfolio. Strengthening these two key pillars of America’s “Smart Power” toolkit will enable the Department and USAID to operate in partnership with uniformed colleagues around the world to advance America’s vital interests.

The Department of State and USAID are using the resources entrusted to them to address critical challenges and grasp key opportunities for the United States to promote a world that is more secure, healthier and prosperous. Foreign policy and development professionals – working on behalf of the American people – are pursuing priorities such as responding to humanitarian crises, combating terrorism, advancing democratic values, negotiating nonproliferation and environmental treaties, facilitating free enterprise, promoting U.S. exports, and assisting American citizens abroad.

The annual budget request to Congress for Agency funding is presented in two volumes: the Congressional Budget Justification for Department of State Operations, and the Congressional Budget Justification for Foreign Operations. Both components of the budget and key performance measures link directly to the seven strategic goals in the Department of State and USAID Joint Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2007-2012. The chart on the following page reflects the combined FY 2011 State Operations and Foreign Assistance Budget by strategic goal and includes a table listing the actual FY 2009, estimated FY 2010 and the requested FY 2011 resources. Following are highlights of the President’s FY 2011 International Affairs budget request which represents approximately 1% of the total federal budget.

The Department of State and USAID are committed to being worthy stewards of the resources entrusted to them. The Department of State and USAID are demonstrating the relationship between resource requests and the performance of the programs that these budgets support by including performance data in the budget submissions. In addition, the budget promotes the efficient use of resources by eliminating duplicative overseas services and consolidating administrative functions when feasible.

State Department FY 2011 Budget. The budget request for appropriations for all Department of State operations totals $16.4 billion (not including fees) and includes resources to support the people, platforms, and programs required by the Department of State to carry out foreign policy, including key components of the Department’s operations and infrastructure, as well as U.S. engagement abroad through public diplomacy and international organizations. The request reflects the Department’s critical role as a national security institution and identifies resources required for diplomatic solutions to national security issues.

Highlights of the State Operations budget include supporting diplomatic operations in the frontline states of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq along with the transition of Department of Defense activities to civilian agencies in Iraq. Other key priorities include targeted investments to expand American diplomatic capacity by adding 599 new foreign and civil service employees; and supporting construction of safe, secure, and functional overseas facilities and maintenance of existing diplomatic facilities abroad, many of which present safety and security challenges.

Foreign Assistance FY 2011 Budget. The foreign assistance appropriations request totals $36.4 billion. This request reflects a goal to make targeted investments in the key areas of convergence that play a central role in the overall prosperity and stability of a country and region. The priority areas of food security, global health, climate change, global engagement, and women’s issues are interdependent issues critical to catalyzing a cycle of sustained capacity building, peace, and economic growth within the nations receiving development assistance. The strategic direction will focus on implementation that invests in the capacity of partner nations to build strong, transparent, and accountable institutions. Breaking the cycle of dependence that aid can create is a priority.

For additional information and details, please consult The President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2011 and the Congressional Budget Justifications, the Executive Budget Summary, Function 150 and Other International Programs for Fiscal Year 2011 at State’s Budgets, Performance, Plans and USAID’s Budget/Performance/Accountability.

Pie chart summarizing the combined FY 2011 State Ops and Foreign Assistance budget resources by strategic goal ($55.3 billion), including appropriations and fees. Values are ($ in thousands): Strategic Goal 1: $15,681,673 (28%). Strategic Goal 2: $4,122,215 (7%). Strategic Goal 3: $11,350,442 (21%). Strategic Goal 4: $6,430,179 (12%). Strategic Goal 5: $4,082,719 (7%). Strategic Goal 6: $1,463,532 (3%). Strategic Goal 7: $12,163,131 (22%).

State Operations and Foreign Assistance Budget Resources by Strategic Goal
Fiscal Years 2009, 2010, & 20111
Strategic Goals
($ in thousands)
FY 2009 Actual FY 2010 Estimate2 FY 2011 Request
State Operations Foreign Assistance State Operations Foreign Assistance State Operations Foreign Assistance
Achieving Peace and Security $4,526,594 $9,584,611 $4,394,160 $9,047,299 $4,838,062 $10,843,611
Governing Justly and Democratically 719,124 2,702,037 720,382 2,663,132 789,254 3,332,961
Investing in People 401,008 10,286,085 430,129 10,520,330 378,160 10,972,282
Promoting Economic Growth and Prosperity 739,187 3,988,834 731,930 4,292,263 903,254 5,526,925
Providing Humanitarian Assistance 67,513 4,883,934 71,403 4,031,157 76,894 4,005,825
Promoting International Understanding 1,220,544 N/A 1,406,052 N/A 1,463,532 N/A
Strengthening Consular and Management Capabilities 8,818,165 1,265,959 9,046,438 1,735,851 10,456,095 1,707,036
Total Resources Allocated by Strategic Goal $16,492,135 $32,711,460 $16,800,494 $32,290,032 $18,905,251 $36,388,640
Office of the Inspector General3 121,122 N/A 102,000 N/A 120,152 N/A
International Commissions 337,080 N/A 142,834 N/A 130,286 N/A
Buying Power Maintenance 5,000 N/A 8,500 N/A N/A
Foreign Service National Separation Liability Trust Fund Payment 12,294 N/A 27,946 N/A 30,770 N/A
Foreign Service Retirement & Disability Fund 157,100 N/A 158,900 N/A 158,900 N/A
Total Resources Not Allocated by Strategic Goal4 $632,596 N/A $440,180 N/A $440,108 N/A
Grand Total $17,124,731 $32,711,460 $17,240,674 $32,290,032 $19,345,359 $36,388,640
1 State Operations resources allocated by Strategic Goal include all appropriated and fee-based funds. (back to text)
2 FY 2010 Estimate for Foreign Assistance includes two supplementals. FY 2010 Estimate for State Operations does not include these supplementals. (back to text)
3 State Department Office of Inspector General only. USAID Inspector General budget included in Strategic Goals allocation. (back to text)
4 Resources for these accounts and offices are not allocated by Strategic Goal because they represent programs that support the Department of State as an institution rather than diplomatic, consular and management programs linked to Strategic Goals and Priorities. (back to text)


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