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Balance Sheet Summary

Bureau of Resource Management
April 21, 2011


The Condensed Balance Sheets shown here present the assets, liabilities, and net position of each agency.

Department of State: Total Assets increased $8.6 billion or 14.5 percent over FY 2009 levels. Fund Balance with Treasury increased due to the unexpended appropriations from Supplemental Appropriations Acts of 2009 and 2010 and other funding sources. Property and Equipment increased as the Department continued construction of new Embassies and security upgrades to provide and maintain safe and functional facilities for U.S. Government personnel. Investment balances in U.S. Government securities for the Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund also increased during the year. Total Liabilities decreased slightly ($34 million) between FY 2009 and FY 2010. Overall, a $521 million increase in the Foreign Service Retirement Actuarial Liability was offset by decreases in Accounts Payable, Liability to International Organizations, and Other Liabilities.

USAID: Assets increased by 23 percent in FY 2010 over FY 2009. Fund Balance with Treasury (unspent appropriations) represents 85 percent of these total assets. The increase in assets was due mainly to the Agency receiving more appropriation in the Economic Support Fund. The six largest uses of that fund, including supplemental appropriations, were Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, West Bank and Gaza, Jordan, and Sudan. The Agency’s liabilities increased 6 percent because of an increase in accounts payable and accrued expenses. Credit reform related payables to the U.S. Treasury account for 35 percent of overall liabilities.

As of September 30, 2010
($ in millions)
  State USAID
Fund Balance with Treasury $37,819 $27,221
Investments, Net 15,901
Property, Plant, and Equipment, Net 12,880 117
Accounts, Loans, and Interest Receivables, Net 453 3,593
Other Assets 1,112     1,139
Total Assets $68,165 $32,070
Foreign Service Retirement Actuarial Liability $17,504 $—
Liability for Capital Transfers to the General Fund of the Treasury 3,202
Accounts Payable 2,008 2,113
Loan Guaranty Liability 2,266
Liability to International Organizations 1,249
All Other Liabilities 1,741 1,608
Total Liabilities  22,502 9,189
Net Position:
Unexpended Appropriations 29,288 21,109
Cumulative Results of Operations 16,375 1,773
Total Net Position 45,663 22,882
Total Liabilities and Net Position $68,165 $32,070


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