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Combined Statement of Budgetary Resources

Bureau of Resource Management
November 15, 2011


Department of State Combined Statement of Budgetary Resources (Note 16)
(dollars in millions)
For the Year Ended September 30, 2011 2010
Budgetary Resources:    
Unobligated Balance, brought forward, October 1: $13,337 $11,970
Recoveries of Prior Year Unpaid Obligations 1,602 1,089
Budget Authority:    
Appropriations 29,548 32,014
Borrowing Authority 1 1
Spending authority from offsetting collections (gross):    
Collected 8,878 8,626
Change in receivable from Federal sources 179 (250)
Change in unfilled customer orders:    
Advance received 552 (323)
Without Advance from Federal sources
Nonexpenditure transfers, net anticipated and actual 182 (427)
Temporarily not available pursuant to Public Law (534)
Permanently not available (453) (119)
Total Budgetary Resources $53,292 $52,581

Status of Budgetary Resources:
Obligations Incurred:    
Direct $31,050 $31,119
Reimbursable 8,782 8,125
Unobligated balance    
Apportioned 12,564 12,418
Exempt from apportionment 7
Unobligated balance not available 889 919
Total Status of Budgetary Resources $53,292 $52,581

Change in Obligated Balance:
Obligated Balance, net    
Unpaid Obligations, brought forward, October 1 $24,734 $20,362
Less: Uncollected customer payments from Federal sources,
brought forward, October 1
(237) (487)
Obligations incurred, net 39,832 39,244
Less: Gross Outlays (35,729) (33,783)
Less: Recoveries of prior-year unpaid obligations, actual (1,602) (1,089)
Change in uncollected customer payments from Federal sources (179) 250
Obligated balance, net, end of period:    
Unpaid obligations 27,235 24,734
Less: Uncollected customer payments from Federal sources (416) (237)
Net Outlays    
Gross outlays 35,729 33,783
Less: Offsetting collections (9,430) (8,303)
Less: Distributed Offsetting receipts (299) (365)
Net Outlays $26,000 $25,115

The accompanying notes are an integral part of this financial statement.


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