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Schedule of Spending

Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services
November 16, 2012


The Schedule of Spending (SOS) is a new requirement by the Office of Management and Budget this year. The SOS presents an overview of how much money is available to spend and how or on what that money was spent. The data used to prepare this report is the same underlying data used to prepare the Statement of Budgetary Resources (SBR). The SOS presents total budgetary resources, gross outlays or total spending, and fiscal year obligations or amounts agreed to be spent, for the reporting entity. The term "spend", as used in this report, means paid out or used. It does not equate to expenses as reported in the Statement of Net Cost.

The Department's total resources for the year ended September 30, 2012, were $57.5 billion. During Fiscal Year 2012, the Department spent $38.4 billion of these resources as summarized below (dollars in millions).

Schedule of Spending
For the Year Ended September 30, 2012
(dollars in millions)
  Administration of Foreign Affairs International Organizations International Commissions Foreign Assistance Other Total
What Money is Available to Spend?            
Total Resources $31,987 $3,659 $211 $3,032 $18,644 $57,533
Less Amount Available but Not Agreed to be Spent 8,236 64 86 1,352 7,002 16,740
Less Amount Not Available to be Spent 373 5 95 268 741
Total Amounts Agreed to be Spent $23,378 $3,595 $120 $1,585 $11,374 $40,052

How was the Money Spent?
Personnel Compensation & Benefits $6,801 $— $25 $8 $251 $7,085
Contractual Services & Supplies 10,646 86 795 2,191 13,718
Acquisition of Assets 2,185 1 19 231 2,436
Grants and Fixed Charges 1,478 3,568 38 660 7,425 13,169
Other 247 2 25 1,766 2,040
Total Spending 21,357 3,570 150 1,507 11,864 38,448
Amounts Remaining to be Spent 2,021 25 (30) 78 (490) 1,604
Total Amounts Agreed to be Spent $23,378 $3,595 $120 $1,585 $11,374 $40,052


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