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Strategic Goal 1 - Public Benefit & Summary of Performance and Resources

Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services
February 15, 2013


Public Benefit

Photo showing Secretary of State Clinton delivering remarks at the Global Counterterrorism Forum in Istanbul, Turkey, June 7, 2012.

Secretary of State Clinton delivers remarks at the Global Counterterrorism Forum in Istanbul, Turkey, June 7, 2012. Department of State

U.S. policy states that the security of U.S. citizens at home and abroad is best guaranteed when countries and societies are secure, free, prosperous, and at peace. The Department, USAID, and their partners seek to strengthen their diplomatic and development capabilities, as well as those of international partners and allies, to prevent or mitigate conflict, stabilize countries in crisis, promote regional stability, and protect civilians. In 2012, a profound and dramatic wave of change continued to sweep across the Middle East as people courageously stood up to their governments to express their legitimate aspirations for greater political participation and economic opportunity. Our close relationship with our interagency partners has enabled the United States to strengthen our national security and provide leadership in conflict areas, such as the Middle East, to promote democratic and political reforms and ensure a voice for all peoples, including women, in building stable and peaceful societies.

Summary of Performance and Resources

Pie chart summarizing the FY 2012 resources invested for Strategic Goal 1. Values are as follows: State Operations: $6.627 billion. Foreign Operations: $10.301 billion. Total resources invested: $16.928 billion.The Department and USAID allocated $16.928 billion toward this Strategic Goal in FY 2012, which is 32 percent of the total State-USAID budget supporting all strategic goals. The performance of the illustrative indicator is provided in the following section.

Key Selected Achievements

  • The United States has provided equipment, training, logistics, and advisory support to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and the Somalia National Security Forces, which have in turn engaged in successful operations against the violent extremist organization al-Shabaab in Somalia; these efforts have greatly enlarged the area of territory held by legitimate Somali authorities and given the country its best chance in 20 years to achieve stability and self-governance.
  • Addressing transition in the Middle East, the Department has used its technical expertise to develop closer relationships with many key partners to mitigate regional and global threats. In the aftermath of the "Arab Awakening," the Department led the effort to secure loose weapons in Libya, including securing or accounting for nearly 5,000 Man Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) and components.
  • The bilateral relationship between the United States and Iraq continues to deepen. Under the Strategic Framework Agreement, the Governments of Iraq and the United States continue to work together at the most senior levels on a wide range of issues through eight Joint Coordination Committees (JCC), including defense and security, education and cultural affairs, energy, law enforcement and judicial cooperation, politics and diplomacy, services, and trade and finance.


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