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68. Joint Compliance and Inspection Commission ("JCIC") Joint Statement 38 (2005)


JCIC Joint Statement 38

The Parties, referring to the Treaty Between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on the Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms of July 31, 1991, hereinafter referred to as the Treaty, understand that training models of the SLBM designated by the Russian Federation as the RSM-56 differ from SLBMs of that type on the basis of the following declared external and functional differences that are visible during inspections conducted pursuant to the Treaty:

Two holes, each no less than 15 millimeters in diameter, drilled through the launch canister, in the region of the first stage rocket motor; and, coaxial with one of these two holes, one hole, no less than ten millimeters in diameter, drilled through the casing of the first stage rocket motor and into the inert propellant.

Nothing in this Joint Statement shall be deemed to prejudice the right of the Russian Federation to declare other external and functional differences to differentiate training models of missiles for the RSM-56 from SLBMs of that type.

To assist inspectors, the Russian Federation shall either provide a photograph of each of the differences of training models of missiles for the RSM-56 or, if a photograph of any of such differences has not been provided prior to the first inspection of an item declared to be a training model of such a missile on the basis of such a difference, the inspected Party shall provide to the inspecting Party, during that inspection, a photograph of the difference, taken in accordance with paragraph 18 of Section VI of, and Subsection B of Section VI of Annex 8 to, the Protocol on Inspections and Continuous Monitoring Activities Relating to the Treaty.


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