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Chapter 10

-2012 Digest Chapter 10  [517 Kb]
-17. Rodriguez Licea v. Curacao 11th Cir amicus brief  [233 Kb]
-18. Mumbai attacks case Statement of Interest and Suggestion of Immunity  [521 Kb]
-19. Rubin v. Iran (First Circuit) Amicus Br FINAL  [470 Kb]
-20. US amicus brief - Hausler - 2d Cir no 12-1264  [170 Kb]
-21. Calderon-Cardona - US amicus brief - 2d Cir  [180 Kb]
-22. Heiser - US statement of interest - DDC  [96 Kb]
-23. Heiser - US statement of interest - DDC  [438 Kb]
-24. Walters - Statement of Interest  [78 Kb]
-25. Walters v. China Supplement to US Statement of Interest  [37 Kb]
-26. NML Capital v. Argentina, United States Amicus Curiae Brief 4-4-12  [197 Kb]
-27. NML Capital amicus brief support rehearing  [53 Kb]
-28. U.S. Amicus Brief in DC Circuit in Giraldo  [203 Kb]
-29. Kagame amicus brief  [185 Kb]
-30. Rajapaksa case US Suggestion of Immunity in District Court for the District of Columbia  [50 Kb]
-31. Rajapaksa case in DC exhibit 1  [316 Kb]
-32. Rajapaksa case US Reply re Suggestion of Immunity  [39 Kb]
-33. U.S. amicus brief on appeal to the DC Circuit in Manoharan v. Rajapaksa  [152 Kb]
-34. NY Rajapksa case US suggestion of immunity  [45 Kb]
-35. Sheik Al- Sabah suggestion of immunity  [546 Kb]
-36. Zedillo US Suggestion of Immunity  [233 Kb]
-37. Zedillo Ex 1 - Letter from Koh to Delery  [472 Kb]
-38. Fotso v. Cameroon Suggestion of Immunity  [40 Kb]
-39. Fotso v. Cameroon Koh Letter  [122 Kb]
-40. Saleh immunity letter  [219 Kb]
-41. Government response to motion to depose Saleh  [1706 Kb]
-42. Chabad statement of interest of the United States  [80 Kb]
-43. US statement of interest in PCP v UN  [232 Kb]


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