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Remarks Following Meeting with Former South African President de Klerk

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Cape Town, South Africa
August 8, 2009


SECRETARY CLINTON: (In progress.) – beneficiary of this absolutely spectacular day.

MR. DE KLERK: And just around the corner there are 70,000 people gathered together for a very big sport match between South Africa and Australia.


MR. DE KLERK: Which is our version of football.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Yes, yes, rugby. Oh, I know. Well, I am well briefed on rugby.

MODERATOR: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Seventy thousand, is there is a stadium nearby?

MR. DE KLERK: Yes. They are building one of the biggest ones --


MR. DE KLERK: You can see it when you -- for the World Cup. Have you seen it? It's almost like a seashell, drifting in the air.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Oh, how beautiful. Oh, that's exciting.

MR. DE KLERK: And it's just up there.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, it's going to be a great time next year, when you host the World Cup.

MR. DE KLERK: We are very proud. And I am sure we are going to present a very good --

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, the Confederation Cup was perfect.

MR. DE KLERK: Yes, it was a big success.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Except for the outcome of the U.S. match. That was not good. So now we -- you know, we hope to come back and do better, since apparently this air agrees with our players.

MR. DE KLERK: Absolutely.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you all very much.

PRN: 2009/T11-22


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