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World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers 1964-1997

This page provides links to electronic scans, in PDF form, of editions of the World Military Expenditure and Arms Transfers (WMEAT) report, or predecessors thereto, published by the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA) from WMEAT’s inception in the 1960s until ACDA’s absorption into the Department of State in 1999. These documents are listed below in reverse chronological order by date of publication. One edition, WMEAT 1973-1983, is omitted, due to present unavailability at the Department of State.

-WMEAT 1997  [836 Kb]
-WMEAT 1996  [4038 Kb]
-WMEAT 1995  [82036 Kb]
-WMEAT 1993-1994  [15201 Kb]
-WMEAT 1991-1992  [19658 Kb]
-WMEAT 1990  [11274 Kb]
-WMEAT 1989  [17505 Kb]
-WMEAT 1988  [10752 Kb]
-WMEAT 1987  [11173 Kb]
-WMEAT 1986  [14063 Kb]
-WMEAT 1985  [12547 Kb]
-WMEAT 1972-1982  [8813 Kb]
-WMEAT 1971-1980  [9996 Kb]
-WMEAT 1970-1979  [9489 Kb]
-WMEAT 1969-1978  [12376 Kb]
-WMEAT 1968-1977  [11705 Kb]
-WMEAT 1967-1976  [13417 Kb]
-WMEAT 1966-1975  [7375 Kb]
-WMEAT 1965-1974  [6951 Kb]
-WMEAT 1963-1973  [6038 Kb]
-World Military Expenditures 1971  [4403 Kb]
-World Military Expenditures 1970  [2622 Kb]
-World Military Expenditures 1969  [3383 Kb]
-World Military Expenditures 1966-1967  [2079 Kb]
-World-wide Military Expenditures 1965  [1149 Kb]
-World-wide Defense Expenditures 1964  [931 Kb]


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