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Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security: Past Events

Announcement of Missile Defense Site in Romania
Under Secretary Tauscher (May 3):
"The announcement we have made today is a very important milestone for our two countries and for NATO. It provides Romania with a leading role in NATO’s new missile defense capabilities." Full Text»

Fact Sheets on Missile Defense
--U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense Site at Deveselu Air Base in Romania

--U.S. European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) and NATO Missile Defense

The Global Zero "GZ|DC 2011 Convention"
Under Secretary Tauscher delivered remarks at the convention on Friday, April 8, at The George Washington University. Full Text»

Strengthening the International Framework to Prevent the Spread and Use of Nuclear Weapons
Under Secretary Tauscher delivered remarks at the Third Nuclear Deterrence Summit. Full Text» Assistant Secretary Gottemoeller's Remarks»

New START Treaty Enters into Force
Secretary Clinton (Feb. 5):
"Today, we exchange the instruments of ratification for a treaty that lessens the nuclear dangers facing the Russian and American people and the world." Full Text» Video» More» Trip Page»

Statement to the House Armed Services Committee Subcommittee on Strategic Forces
Under Secretary Tauscher submitted a statement as part of the hearing record.  Full Text»

 What the New Arms Treaty Would Do
Under Secretary Tauscher wrote Letter to the Editor for The New York Times.  Full Text»

The Department of State’s William C. Foster Visiting Scholars Program
The Department of State released the call for applications for the 2011-2012 William C. Foster Visiting Scholars Program. Full Text»

Reorganization of the Arms Control and International Security Bureaus
The current Bureau of Verification, Compliance, and Implementation (VCI) becomes the Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance (AVC). The new bureau will lead the Department’s work on arms control, verification and compliance, including related policy-making, negotiations and implementation. Full Text»

Transatlantic Missile Defense: Looking to the NATO Lisbon Summit
Under Secretary Tauscher's prepared remarks to the Atlantic Council.  Full Text» 

U.S.-United Kingdom and U.S.-Australia Defense Trade Cooperation Treaties
Under Secretary Tauscher: "I am pleased that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted unanimously on Tuesday to support ratification of the U.S.-United Kingdom and U.S.-Australia Defense Trade Cooperation Treaties. The treaties will streamline defense cooperation between the United States and the United Kingdom and the United States and Australia, enhancing our national security and facilitating military and counterterrorism operations with two of our closest allies." More» Secretary Clinton's Remarks» Fact Sheet»

New START Treaty
(Sept. 16): Statement by the President on the New START Treaty. Full Text»

Senate Approval of the New START Treaty
(Sept. 16): Text of a joint statement by Secretary Clinton and Secretary Gates on Senate Foreign Relations Committee approval of the New START Treaty. Full Text»

U.S. Can't Risk Slow START
(Sept. 16): Under Secretary Tauscher's Op-Ed featured in POLITICO. Full Text»

Conversations with America
(July 29): Under Secretary Ellen Tauscher discussed the New START Treaty with Steven Pifer, Director of the Brookings Institution’s Arms Control Initiative. Video» More»

2010 NPT Review Conference
(May 28):  Under Secretary Tauscher delivered the United States closing statement at the 2010 NPT Review Conference. Full Text» Fact Sheet» More on NPT»

Business Executives for National Security (BENS)
(May 19):  Under Secretary Tauscher delivered remarks at BENS' Annual Policy Forum. Full Text»

NPT Review Conference
(Apr. 30): Under Secretary Tauscher, Ambassador Rice, and Special Representative Burke spoke at briefing. Full Text» More on NPT»

Previewing the NPT Review Conference
(Apr. 29): Under Secretary Tauscher spoke at the Center for American Progress. Full Text» More on NPT»

The Spirit of Prague
(Apr. 28): Fact sheet released on America's commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. Full Text» More Fact Sheets»

Nuclear Posture Review
(Apr. 22): Under Secretary Tauscher delivered statement at Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing. Full Text» Video»

The Case for New START Ratification
(Apr. 21): Under Secretary Tauscher delivered remarks at Atlantic Council Panel Discussion. Full Text»

Overview of the Obama Administration's Nonproliferation Agenda
(Apr. 20): Under Secretary Tauscher delivered remarks at the Foreign Press Center. Full Text» Video»

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy and Force Structure
(Apr. 14): Under Secretary Tauscher delivered statement before the House Armed Services Committee. Full Text» Video»

Nuclear Nonproliferation
(Apr. 9): Secretary Clinton spoke on Nuclear Nonproliferation at the University of Louisville as Part of the McConnell Center's Spring Lecture Series. Full Text» Interviews on ABC | NBC | CBS»

Signing of New START Treaty
(Apr. 8): Secretary Clinton, accompanied by Under Secretary Burns, Under Secretary Tauscher, and Assistant Secretary Gordon, attended the New START Signing with President Obama, in Prague, Czech Republic. More on New START»

Nuclear Security Strategy
(Apr. 8): Secretary Clinton told European publics that the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) is one of several concrete steps the U.S. is taking to reduce the global threat of nuclear weapons, proliferation and terrorism. Full Text» More on New START»

Nuclear Posture Review
(Apr. 6): Secretary Clinton discussed The Nuclear Posture Review, a report that outlines a balanced and comprehensive approach to dealing with the role of nuclear weapons in America's national security. Full Text» Special Briefing» FPC Briefing» President Obama's Statement» More from DoD»

New START Treaty
(Mar. 29): Under Secretary Tauscher spoke on the New START Treaty and the Obama Administration's Nonproliferation Agenda. Full Text» Announcement by President Obama and Secretary Clinton» More on New START»

40th Anniversary of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
(Mar. 5): Secretary Clinton spoke on the 40th Anniversary of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Full Text» President Obama's Statement»

Ask the Under Secretary
(Mar. 4): Under Secretary Tauscher answered questions about the START Treaty and other issues. Full Text» Video» Secretary Clinton's Interview» More on New START»

Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty(Mar. 2): Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization enhances our national security. DipNote Blog»


Arms Trade Treaty
(Feb. 18): Special Negotiator Donald Mahley delivered Under Secretary Tauscher's remarks at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Full Text» Video»


The Second Annual Nuclear Deterrence Summit(Feb. 17): Under Secretary Tauscher delivered remarks at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center Hotel. Full Text» Audio»


Global Zero Summit
(Feb. 3): Under Secretary Tauscher delivered remarks in Paris, France. Full Text»


Nuclear Arms Agreement with Russia(Feb. 3): Under Secretary Tauscher spoke during news conference in Paris, France. AP Soundbite»


Addressing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
(Jan. 19): Under Secretary Tauscher delivered remarks at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. Full Text»


U.S.-UAE Agreement for Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation(Dec. 17, 2009): Under Secretary Tauscher exchanged diplomatic notes bringing into force the United States–United Arab Emirates Agreement for Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation. View Video»


U.S.-Poland Supplemental Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)(Dec. 11, 2009): Under Secretary Tauscher and Polish Under Secretary Komorowski signed the U.S.-Poland Supplemental Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). Full Text»


Preventing Biological Weapons Proliferation and Bioterrorism
(Dec. 9, 2009): Under Secretary Tauscher addressed the annual meeting of the States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention. Full Text» White House Press Release» National Strategy for Countering Biological Weapons» Photos» View Video: Part 1; Part 2


U.S. Institute of Peace
(Oct. 21, 2009): Secretary Clinton spoke at the U.S. Institute of Peace. Full Text» Video»


U.S. Support for Arms Trade Treaty(Oct. 14, 2009): Secretary Clinton spoke on U.S. Support for Arms Trade Treaty. Full Text»


CTBT Article XIV Conference
(Sept. 24, 2009): Secretary Clinton delivered remarks at the CTBT Article XIV Conference. Full Text»


Nuclear Non-proliferation and Nuclear Disarmament(Sept. 24, 2009): President Obama delivered remarks before the United Nations Security Council Summit on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Nuclear Disarmament Full Text» Fact Sheet»


U.S. Strategic Command Deterrence Symposium(July 30, 2009): Under Secretary Tauscher gave remarks in Omaha, Nebraska before the U.S. Strategic Command. Full Text»


U.S.-UAE Agreement for Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation(July 8, 2009): Under Secretary Tauscher testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee in support of the proposed U.S.-UAE Agreement for Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation. Full Text»


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