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Proliferation Security Initiative 10th Anniversary: Joint Statement on Expanding Strategic Communications


The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), their delivery systems and related materials is a global threat to international peace and security. Each new State that decides to endorse and participate in the PSI brings additional political commitment, opportunities, resources and expertise to bear on the challenge of preventing, or if that fails interdicting, illicit WMD related shipments. An accurate public understanding of PSI principles, goals and outcomes enhances the scope for success, including by sending a clear message to proliferators that PSI countries are willing to act to fulfill their commitments to the Statement of Interdiction Principles.

We, the PSI-endorsing States indicated below, consistent with our PSI commitments, authorities and resources, therefore:

1. Encourage every State, regardless of its size or location, that is concerned about the proliferation of WMD, their delivery systems and related materials and is willing to undertake the commitments in the Statement of Interdiction Principles, to join 102 other States in participating in the PSI;

2. Encourage outreach by PSI-endorsing States to prospective partner states that have not yet endorsed the PSI, to clarify their understanding of the Statement of Interdiction Principles, and to explain the nature and purpose of PSI capacity-building events, such as meetings, exercises, and workshops;

3. Promote the communication of PSI principles and activities to the public and private sector, including by using the PSI website (, and with the support of intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations, where appropriate, to ensure a clear and accurate public understanding of the PSI, especially its consistency with relevant international law and frameworks; and

4. Commit to incorporate strategic communications into PSI events and activities, including diplomatic and other forms of outreach, and inviting nonendorsing States, where possible, to observe PSI events to experience first-hand the value of PSI activities.

Proliferation Security Initiative 10th Anniversary: 
Joint Statement on Expanding Strategic Communications
Supporting states:
Afghanistan Bulgaria FYROM Latvia Norway Slovenia
Albania Canada Georgia Liechtenstein Panama Spain
Andorra Chile Germany Lithuania Paraguay Sri Lanka
Antigua and Barbuda Colombia Greece Luxembourg Philippines Sweden
Argentina Croatia   Honduras Malta Poland Switzerland
Armenia Cyprus Hungary Marshall Islands Portugal Thailand
Australia Czech Republic Ireland Moldova Republic of Korea Turkey
Austria Denmark Israel Mongolia Romania Ukraine
Bahrain El Salvador Italy Montenegro Samoa United Arab Emirates
Belarus Estonia Japan Morroco Serbia United Kingdom
Belgium Finland Kazakhstan Netherlands Singapore United States
Bosnia and Herzegovina France Kuwait New Zealand Slovakia  

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