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Diplomacy in Action

Military Exercises and Operational Coordination

Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET)

Description: Joint Combined Exchange Training exercise. - State Dept Image

Joint Combined Exchange Training primarily allows host government forces to give area orientations to U.S. Special Operations Forces. JCET exercises are usually composed of between 10 and 40 personnel and operate under the authority of Section 2011 of Title 10, U.S. Code (1991).

Counter-Narcotic/Terror Deployments (CNT)

Ranger students learning small-unit patrol techniquesISO coordinates and distributes DOS clearances on Military Counter Drug Deployments. ISO action officers staff vetting packages through the appropriate regional and legal channels within the Department and then return clearances to DoD.

Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO)

Non-Combatant evacuation operations When crises threaten the stability of foreign states, it is occasionally necessary to use U.S. military forces to evacuate U.S. government employees, their families, and other U.S. citizens. ISO provides policy guidance and planning support and manages PM involvement in NEOs.

Basing and Activities in UK Overseas Territories

Date: 2011 Description: NSF Diego Garcia, located in the British Indian Ocean Territory. - State Dept Image

NSF Diego Garcia, located in the British Indian Ocean Territory, provides operational and logistical support to operational forces forward-deployed to the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf areas of responsibility in support of national policy objectives. Wideawake Airfield, located on Ascension Island, provides similar support to operational forces in the South Atlantic. ISO represents the U.S. government in annual, bilateral talks with the United Kingdom, during which all aspects of U.S. presence at these locations is discussed. ISO also manages the U.S. relationship with the UK regarding U.S. activities on other British overseas territories or sovereign base areas.

Freedom of Navigation (FON) Clearances for the Department of Defense

A U.S. Navy cruiser group engaged in a Freedom of Navigation OperationU.S. forces engage in Freedom of Navigation (FON) operations to assert the principles of international law and free passage in regions with unlawful maritime sovereignty claims. FON operations involve units transiting disputed areas, thereby showing that the international community has not accepted these unlawful claims. ISO coordinates State Department clearance for FON operations.

Law of the Sea and Other Naval Issues

ISO addresses political-military considerations in regard to the Law of the Sea and other international agreements governing U.S. military personnel and assets on the high seas.

Naval Surveys

ISO coordinates diplomatic support for the activities of naval research vessels.

Military Exercises

U.S. Army Rangers demonstrating their 'helo-cast' insertion techniqueISO coordinates Department of State clearances on military exercises and training having significant international relations implications.

Developing Countries Combined Exercise Program (DCCEP)

Marines brief Turkish troops prior to Exercise Rescue Eagle 2000ISO action officers process State Department clearance for activities funded by DoD's Developing Countries Combined Exercise Program. The program supports DoD exercises designed to strengthen ties with foreign military counterparts in developing nations.

Combatant Commander's Personnel Expense Program (PEP)

U.S. officers confer with their Russian counterparts in YugoslaviaISO action officers process State Department clearance for activities funded by DoD’s Combatant Commander's Personnel Expense Program. The program supports a variety of events specially selected by regional Combatant Commanders, such as conferences with their foreign counterparts.

Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements

Meals-ready-to-eat (MRE) being prepared for deliveryThe Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements (ACSA) program allows for the exchange of logistical support between DoD and a foreign nation's military to meet unexpected needs of troops stationed abroad. Some examples of support provided under this program include food, billeting, clothing, communication services, medical services, spare parts/components, training services, and ammunition. ISO processes State Department clearance of ACSA requests.


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