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-08/28/14   U.S. Conventional Weapons Destruction Promotes Security in the Transcaucasus
-08/20/14   War, Peace, and the U.S. Conventional Weapons Destruction Program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
-08/19/14   Six Things To Know About U.S.-Somalia Relations
-08/15/14   Five Things You Need To Know About South Sudan
-08/14/14   Rebuilding Lives and Renewing Hope: The U.S. Commitment to an Angola Free From the Impact of Landmines
-08/07/14   Confronting Conventional Weapons Challenges in Africa's Sahel Region
-08/05/14   U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit: Building on Progress to Strengthen African Peacekeeping
-06/23/14   Landmine Clearance and Weapons Destruction Promotes Security Across the Americas
-06/13/14   Saving Lives in the South Pacific: Harnessing Data to Address Lingering Threats from WWII-Vintage Munitions
-06/04/14   Partnering With Chile To Strengthen International Peacekeeping
-05/29/14   2014 International Day of UN Peacekeeping: Saluting A Force for Peace, a Force for Change, a Force for the Future
-05/14/14   European Union To Host Counter Piracy Meeting in New York
-04/30/14   The Last Landmine in Maputo: Working Toward a Landmine-Impact Free Mozambique
-04/23/14   Cooperative Clearance Efforts Help Make Cambodian Communities Safer
-04/16/14   STEMatState: Saving Lives through Advanced Engineering
-04/15/14   U.S. Partners With Armenia To Promote International Peace and Security
-04/04/14   Clearing Landmines, Saving Lives
-03/07/14   Serbia's Growing Role as a UN Peacekeeping Troop Contributor
-02/28/14   U.S. Support for Civilian Demining Promotes Security in Colombia
-02/03/14   Promoting Security Responsibly: Conventional Arms Transfers a Key Tool of U.S. Foreign Policy

-12/13/13   Malaysia: Building U.S. Partnership With a Peacekeeping Powerhouse
-12/04/13   A Dragonfly Rises
-12/02/13   Mine-Detection Dogs Sniff Out Hidden Hazards in Southern Iraq
-11/13/13   Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Mine Detection Dog Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina
-10/30/13   Helping Communities in Sri Lanka Build a Safer Future
-09/17/13   To Walk the Earth in Safety: Marking 20 Years of Promoting Peace and Security Through U.S. Conventional Weapons Destruction Programs
-09/13/13   Dark and Dangerous Waters: Cambodia's First Underwater Deminers Will Make Rivers Safer
-09/05/13   Seventy Years Later, a Different Kind of Island Hopping
-09/03/13   Peacekeeping Partnership Opens New Possibilities for U.S.-Vietnam Relations
-08/16/13   Surviving the Peace: New Film Captures Post-Conflict Challenges in Angola
-07/18/13   "Spirit of Soccer" Brings Help and Hope to Syrian Refugees
-06/06/13   Afghanistan: Far from the NBA Finals, Another Tournament Came to Kandahar
-03/21/13   Expanding the Training of Female Peacekeepers

-11/19/12   In Montenegro, U.S. Marine Mammal Program Detects Underwater Unexploded Munitions
-10/31/12   All-Female Peacekeeping Unit Highlights Role of Women in Facilitating Peace and Security
-10/17/12   Nepal: Security Sector Reform Helps Build Peace and Security
-10/01/12   Recognizing the Frasure-Kruzel-Drew Fellowship for Humanitarian Demining
-07/12/12   Investing in Security: Program Develops New Generation of Humanitarian Demining Leaders
-06/19/12   South Sudan Integrated Mine Action Service Brings Security to War-Torn Communities
-06/14/12   Economic Statecraft: Defense Trade Builds Diplomatic Relationships
-06/08/12   Surviving the Peace: New Film Highlights Lingering Challenges in Laos
-04/24/12   Strengthening Security Partnerships Across the Asia-Pacific
-04/06/12   Counter Piracy: Global Community Gathers to Take Action
-04/05/12   Burundi Takes on Marking Small Arms After Successfully Clearing Landmines
-03/26/12   Afghanistan: New Air Force Takes Wing
-03/13/12   Iraq: Building Partnership Though Conventional Weapons Destruction
-03/05/12   Liberating Libya from Explosive Remnants of War

-12/19/11   Promoting Security Through Conventional Weapons Destruction and Humanitarian Demining
-12/12/11   U.S.-Funded Program Offers New Hope for Afghanistan's Landmine Survivors
-12/07/11   U.S. Support for Humanitarian Demining
-11/17/11   Promoting Security and Defense Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region
-11/08/11   Azerbaijan: Humanitarian Demining Helps Communities Recover
-11/07/11   Saving Lives and Limbs in Mozambique
-10/11/11   Peru: Decade of U.S. Support Builds Self-Sufficient Humanitarian Mine Action Program
-10/09/11   Promoting Peacekeeping in the Asia-Pacific
-08/15/11   Breaking New Ground: Female Humanitarian Demining Teams Foster Recovery in Sri Lanka
-07/18/11   Paying it Forward: Training A New Generation of Landmine Clearance Leaders
-07/13/11   Counter-Piracy Contact Group Meets in New York
-05/16/11   Bringing Pirates to Justice
-05/04/11   United Arab Emirates: Forging a Common Approach to Maritime Piracy
-04/04/11   Increasing African Capacity To Promote Peace and Security
-03/25/11   Counter Piracy: Global Community Gathers to Take Action
-02/24/11   Iraq in Transition: Dispatches From the Frontlines of Diplomacy
-02/14/11   Afghanistan: U.S. Conventional Weapons Destruction Team Clears More Than Landmines
-02/09/11   U.S. Supports Estonian Demining Efforts
-02/07/11   Croatia: U.S. Humanitarian Effort Turns Mines Into Vines
-01/04/11   In Sudan, Saving Lives Through Weapons Destruction Programs
-12/29/10   Central America: Free From Landmine Impact
-12/17/10   In Iraq, Building Capacity To Address Landmines and Unexploded Munitions
-12/16/10   Reducing Conventional Weapon and Munition Stockpiles in Southeast Europe
-11/19/10   Iraq: U.S. Training for Basra Prosthetic Project
-11/18/10   Diplomats and Military Partner To Train and Equip Peacekeepers
-11/09/10   Making Progress in Combating Piracy Off the Horn of Africa
-11/02/10   U.S. Helps Former Child Soldier Protect Communities in Cambodia Through Humanitarian Mine Action
-09/03/10   Iraq: Catching the "Spirit of Soccer" in Kirkuk
-08/24/10   Countering Piracy: International Partnership Achieves Steady Progress
-08/03/10   "To Walk the Earth in Safety": Progress in Conventional Weapons Destruction
-06/30/10   Vietnam: Political-Military Dialogue Reflects Growing U.S. Relationship
-06/21/10   Bosnia and Herzegovina: Promoting Security By Destroying Conventional Weapons
-06/07/10   Pakistan: U.S. Security Assistance Programs Help Address Shared Challenges
-06/01/10   Afghanistan: Building Partnerships Through Humanitarian Mine Action
-05/12/10   Piracy: Building International Partnerships To Bring Pirates to Justice
-05/05/10   Haiti: U.S. Support for International Peacekeeping Helps Promote Recovery
-04/19/10   Jordan: U.S. Humanitarian Mine Action Supports Football Festival
-04/05/10   Afghanistan: U.S. Humanitarian Mine Action Helps Revive Deserted Town
-03/09/10   Safeguarding the Seaways: Increasing Cooperation Means Decreasing Success for Pirates
-03/01/10   Yemen: U.S. Effort Helps Landmine Survivors Realize a Better Tomorrow
-02/23/10   Papua New Guinea: U.S. Experts Help Bougainville Clear World War II Era Munitions
-02/04/10   Peacekeeping: International Forum Helps Turn Talk into Action
-12/17/09   Peacekeeping Offers New Opportunities for U.S.-China Relations
-12/12/09   U.S.-Colombian Collaboration Brings Stability to the Countryside
-12/02/09   President Obama on the Way Forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan
-11/30/09   U.S. Is a World Leader in Humanitarian Mine Action
-11/12/09   Philippines: Conventional Weapons Destruction Partnership Promotes Security
-11/05/09   Mozambique: U.S. Humanitarian Mine Action Opens New Opportunities
-10/21/09   Partners in Peace: U.S. Initiative Trains and Equips Nearly 87,000 Peacekeepers
-10/16/09   International Counter Piracy Effort Confronts Criminals on the High Seas
-09/24/09   U.S. Promotes Security by Training and Equipping Foreign Peacekeepers
-09/17/09   Safeguarding the Seaways: Counter-Piracy Contact Group Meets in New York
-09/16/09   Afghanistan: Landmine Clearance Safeguards Communities One Square Kilometer at a Time
-09/03/09   Sri Lanka: Humanitarian Mine Action Helps Families Return Home
-08/09/09   Travel Diary: Humanitarian Mine Action Promotes Post-Conflict Recovery in Angola
-08/04/09   Travel Diary: Partnership for Peace--Working With African Nations To Strengthen Peacekeeping
-06/23/09   Community-Based Demining Links Development and Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan
-06/09/09   Counter-Piracy Contact Group Meets in New York
-05/26/09   Safeguarding the Seaways From Piracy
-04/15/09   Secretary Clinton Announces Counter-Piracy Initiatives


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