Date: 2018 Description: A general view of the United Nations General Assembly hall. © UN Image

Sept. 20: This week marks the formal opening of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, with High-Level week beginning on September 24. The U.S. will be actively engaged across a wide spectrum of UNGA events and activities, and will frame that engagement around five broad policy priorities: non-proliferation; humanitarian assistance and food security; peace and security; counterterrorism; and UN reform. DipNote» More»

Secretary Pompeo (Sept. 21): “Since the earliest days of his presidency, President Trump has directed all of us in his administration to advance and defend religious freedom at home and abroad." Full Text»

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Department Press Briefing

September 20, 2018

In Other News

Iran's Missile Program

Special Representative Hook (Sept. 19): “Iran’s pace of missiles did not diminish after the Iran deal was implemented in January 2016, and Iran has conducted multiple ballistic missile launches since that time.” Full Text» DipNote»

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