Secretary Pompeo (May 24): "I have spent a fair amount of my time personally and have big teams working to get America’s senior officials on board. There are still big gaps at the assistant secretary level, at the under secretary level. ...where there were nominees, we’re pushing to make sure they move quickly." Full Text» More»

Secretary Pompeo (May 23): "China, the United States, the South Koreans, Japan – we are all fully committed to a bright future for the DPRK if Pyongyang is willing to denuclearize. Until that time arrives, the pressure will continue. I emphasized the President’s firm determination to secure a balanced and fair trade and investment relationship." Full Text»

Secretary Pompeo (May 23): "Our workforce is the most important asset. Since becoming Secretary of State, now three weeks and a couple days ago, one of my highest priorities has been ensuring the finest diplomatic corps in the world is fully prepared and empowered to do its work in every corner." Full Text» More»

Department Press Briefing

May 22, 2018

In Other News

General Elections in Barbados

Spokesperson Nauert (May 25): "We congratulate Mia Mottley on her election as the next prime minister of Barbados in the May 24 general election vote. Ms. Mottley makes history as Barbados’ first female prime minister." Full Text»

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