Secretary Pompeo (June 22): "You’re looking for the places where you can find the best talent, the most capable people, who has the most transparency, the rule of law.... I believe that I can prove here this morning that that’s the United States of America." Full Text»

Secretary Pompeo (June 19): "The Human Rights Council enables abuses by absolving wrongdoers through silence and falsely condemning those who have committed no offense. A mere look around the world today demonstrates that the council has failed in its stated objectives." Full Text»

Secretary Pompeo (June 18): "Economic diplomacy has always been the State Department’s mission. What that means is we use American power, economic might, and influence as a tool of policy to help America achieve its interests and promote our values around the world." Full Text» DipNote»

Department Press Briefing

June 21, 2018

In Other News

Travel to Europe and North Africa

From June 25-29, Deputy Secretary Sullivan will travel to the Netherlands, Denmark, Algeria, and Morocco, to discuss a range of U.S. priorities, including joint efforts to maintain an enduring defeat of ISIS and promote cooperation on regional and global security challenges. More»

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