Secretary Tillerson (Feb. 16): "I want to reaffirm the deep and important relationship between the United States and Turkey. Ours is not an alliance of convenience or of temporary interest. It is a time-tested alliance built on common interest and mutual respect." Full Text» More» Trip Page»

Secretary Tillerson (Feb. 15): "We’re grateful to our close partnership with Lebanon’s security services, particularly the Lebanese armed forces and the internal security forces, as they fight on the front lines against ISIS/Daesh and al-Qaida, and they stand ready to safeguard Lebanese stability." Full Text» Trip Page»

Secretary Tillerson (Feb. 14): "For decades the United States and Jordan have sustained a truly indispensable strategic partnership that’s been critical to the security of both of our nations, as well as contributing to the security of the region. Today we recognize the importance of that partnership by signing this new five-year memorandum of understanding." Full Text» Fact Sheet» More» Trip Page»

Department Press Briefing

February 15, 2018

In Other News

Travel to Germany

From February 19-20, Acting Assistant Secretary Thornton will travel to Berlin, Germany, to meet with European counterparts to discuss issues of mutual interest in the Indo-Pacific region. More»


Expo 2020 Dubai

Feb. 16: The theme of Expo 2020 Dubai is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, representing the potential of what can be achieved when meaningful collaborations and partnerships are forged. More»

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