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Convention signed at Colombo March 14, 1985, and protocol amending the convention signed at Washington September 20, 2002, with exchange of notes; transmitted by the President of the United States of America to the Senate October 2, 1985 (Treaty Doc. 99-10, 99th Congress, 1st Session) and October 28, 2003 (Treaty Doc. 108-9, 108th Congress, 1st Session); reported favorably by the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations March 4, 2004 (Senate Executive Report No. 108-11, 108th Congress, 2d Session); Advice and consent to ratification by the Senate March 25, 2004; ratified by the President May 18, 2004; Exchange of Instruments of Ratification at Colombo July 12, 2004; entered into force July 12, 2004.

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