1977 Twenty-Eighth Annual Report Recommendations, United States Advisory Commission on Information

Chairman: Hobart Lewis

  • Chairman of the Board of Reader’s Digest

Summary:  This was the final report of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Information before it is was reorganized into the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy.

Major Recommendations:

  • Congress should reexamine the basic statues that created and contained the legislative authority for establishing foreign information and cultural programs.
  • Do not return the U.S. Information Agency (USIA) to the State Department. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs should be removed from the State Department and merged with USIA.
  • USIA should remain independent.
  • Congress and the Executive branch should examine the issue of USIA under-capitalization.
  • The whole of USIA should be housed in one building (recommended consistently).
  • Voice of America should be consolidated into improved facilities.
  • Review the internal structure of USIA and strengthen the research element of USIA.
  • Strengthen and restructure the Office of Congressional Relations.
  • Grant the Public Affairs Officer the status of career objectives currently available to the State Department’s Foreign Service Officers.
  • Make Labor Information Officers available.
  • Expand English teaching and increase special exhibits in all geographic areas.
  • Reinstitute a Broadcast Advisory Committee and direct broadcast satellite topics.
  • USIA should develop a plan for commemorating the U.S. bicentennial.
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