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Media Credential Application Deadline : October 6 at 5:30 PM Eastern Time (ET).

From November 11 to 17, delegates of the 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member economies will convene in San Francisco, California, for the 2023 APEC Economic Leaders’ Week (AELW).

Under the theme “Creating a Resilient and Sustainable Future for All” the 2023 U.S. Host Year has focused on three overarching policy priorities to ensure an “interconnected, innovative, and inclusive” Asia-Pacific region. The AELW will mark the culmination of the U.S. host year.

As part of AELW, President Biden will host the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting (AELM).  U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen will host the Finance Ministers’ Meeting, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken and U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai will host their foreign and trade counterparts for the APEC Ministerial Meeting.  AELW will also feature the APEC CEO Summit and APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Dialogue with Leaders.

APEC is the premier platform for the United States to advance economic policies in the Asia-Pacific region to promote free, fair, and open trade and investment and boost inclusive and sustainable growth. APEC economies account for nearly 40 percent of the global population, or about 3 billion people, and nearly 50 percent of global trade, and businesses from APEC economies have invested more than $1.7 trillion in the United States, employing 2.3 million American workers.

San Francisco has the distinct honor of hosting the 2023 AELW. San Francisco has long been recognized as a prominent gateway to the Asia-Pacific region. The San Francisco Bay Area is the fourth-largest region in the United States by economic output and was the fastest-growing region in the State of California in 2022, with a GDP of $1.25 trillion. San Francisco also ranks fifth in the world and second in the United States on the Global Financial Center Index as of March 2023. Annually, the San Francisco Customs District records $100 billion in two-way shipping transactions with APEC economies.

San Francisco is a major destination for business and tourism and is a world leader in technology innovation. Some of the world’s most cutting-edge and successful companies remain headquartered there, including many which got their start through the Bay area’s vibrant startup ecosystem.  Artificial intelligence innovation is driving a new wave of investment, with 40 percent of the top AI companies now based in San Francisco.

Summary and Security

AELW is principally taking place at the Moscone Center with additional events occurring at other venues across the Bay area. To access any AELW event, all media members will require an AELW-issued credential for access, regardless of existing federal or official identification. Due to significant capacity limitations, most coverage opportunities at AELW will be pooled, and the selection of pool participants will be at the determination of individual attending economies. Approval of media accreditation will permit access to the International Media Center but does not guarantee access to specific AELW events.

Additional details regarding security, credential pick-up, arrival logistics, and operational hours/pre-set arrangements will be transmitted to accredited media.

Accreditation and Access

All media representatives interested in covering AELW, or accessing the Moscone Center, must have a media credential. Interested media should apply for a credential no later than October 6 at 5:30 PM ET. Access the Accreditation Application Form here.  We encourage all media organizations to ensure accreditation is submitted for additional personnel/correspondents in case of contingencies (e.g., illness, assignment rotations, etc.). No late or last-minute exceptions will be permitted.

NOTE: Media directly covering their respective member economy should register as “economy media” directly with their economy, and not through this independent media process.

Digital “passport-style” photographs (clear, color, and recent) will be required for submission at a minimum dimension of 120 pixels x 150 pixels at 150 dpi. An image file is required to submit the Application Form to attend AELW. The photo background must be plain – white/grey are recommended – with no hat or head covering permitted. We ask that you do not upload scanned images of actual documents (e.g., passports/driver’s licenses). The application will also solicit additional personal information (e.g., full legal name, date of birth, gender, national identification or passport number, city of residence, etc.). These fields will be required, and all required fields must be completed in order to submit your form (all required fields will have a RED outline around them).

Please note that submission of an application does not guarantee or constitute approval, and AELW accreditation is independent of the visa process necessary for travel to the United States. Visa approval does not guarantee AELW accreditation, nor vice-versa.

Any organization accrediting more than ten (10) individuals to AELW should inquire to by September 21 for a “Registered Organizer” account to streamline their organization’s credentialing process.

AELW Schedule

Media representatives should expect various media opportunities, beginning at approximately 8:00 AM PT and ending at 5:00 PM PT each day on November 11-17, 2023. Media coverage opportunities will be announced as they become available and are generally expected to be offered on a pooled basis only.

  • November 11: International Media Center Opens, Concluding Senior Officials’ Meeting (CSOM) Day 1
  • November 12: Finance Ministers’ Meeting (FMM) Day 1, CSOM Day 2, CSOM Press Conference, APEC Regional Trends Analysis Press Conference
  • November 13: FMM Day 2, Finance Minister Chair’s Press Conference, APEC State of the Region Report Press Conference
  • November 14: APEC Ministerial Meeting (AMM) Day 1
  • November 15:  APEC Ministerial Meeting Day 2, AMM Chairs’ Press Conference, Welcome Reception with Leaders, Ministers and CEOs
  • November 16: APEC Economic Leaders’ Informal Dialogue with Guests, APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Dialogue with Leaders, Leaders’ Dinner
  • November 17: APEC Economic Leaders’ Retreat, International Media Center Closes

Key media events:

Opening remarks by the meeting chairs, news conferences, and photo opportunities for AELM, AMM, and CSOM will be open to accredited media. News conferences may be scheduled after the conclusion of each meeting. Parallel briefings, interview opportunities, and other media activities will also be available. Specific timing and venue details are forthcoming.

To request one-on-one broadcast and print interviews with U.S. Government officials or the State Department’s Asia-Pacific spokespeople, media representatives may write

Participating economies may schedule informal or formal media opportunities throughout the duration of AELW.

APEC CEO Summit 2023

The National Center for APEC (NCAPEC) will host the annual APEC CEO Summit, November 14-16 at the Moscone Center West. The CEO Summit will bring CEOs, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and other stakeholders together with senior political leaders from the Asia-Pacific region for two days of business dialogue on global opportunities and challenges that are shaping economic, environmental, and societal trends in the region. The CEO Summit will focus on “Creating Economic Opportunity” and feature a lineup of dynamic and diverse speakers who will highlight sustainability, inclusion, resilience, and innovation. The accompanying CEO Summit exhibition will showcase pioneering solutions and technologies that can help drive equitable growth.

All media who wish to attend the APEC CEO Summit will be required to obtain both AELW credentials and separate APEC CEO Summit credentials provided by NCAPEC. The APEC CEO Summit accreditation process will begin after the AELW accreditation process closes. Due to capacity limitations, not all media who request to attend will be admitted. For additional information on the APEC CEO Summit media, reach out to organizers at

APEC Multistakeholder Forum

The inaugural APEC Multistakeholder Forum (AMF) will be held in San Francisco at the Commonwealth Club of California from November 10-13. Organized in partnership with the APEC Secretariat and World Affairs, stakeholders’ groups from across APEC economies will participate in robust dialogue on the sidelines of the AELW. The AMF will tackle the pressing challenge of “working through a just transition” amidst the global shift to net-zero carbon economies. Media registration for this event is handled by World Affairs and is separate from the AELW accreditation process. Media can submit their interest by emailing For more information about the AMF, visit 

APEC University Leaders’ Forum

This high-level dialogue among university presidents, CEOs, policy leaders, and top researchers aims to produce new insights and identify the partnerships needed for investing in conservation and restoration of our biodiversity across the Pacific Ocean under the theme: “Investing in Tomorrow’s Biodiversity.” The University of California Davis, the University of California Santa Cruz, and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) will co-host the forum on Monday, November 13t at the Commonwealth Club of California. Media can submit their interest by emailing APRU Media and Communications at For more information, visit .

Side Events

A number of concurrent unofficial side events will take place outside the official APEC Economic Leaders’ Week agenda, programmed by a wide variety of private sector, civil society, or nonprofit organizers unaffiliated with the APEC Secretariat or the United States Government. Press access and coverage at each of these events, as well as any third-party events taking place in San Francisco, is at the discretion of event organizers, who should be contacted directly regarding logistical or editorial inquiries.

International Media Center (IMC), HostTV

The United States will provide an International Media Center (IMC) within the Moscone Center, consisting of unassigned workspace and live shot/stand-up broadcast positions. Unassigned workstations are available at no charge on a first-come, first-serve basis, and will include complimentary wireless internet access and power outlets (North American 120V).

Additional services beyond those provided complimentary (e.g., high-speed wired/wireless internet, interview space bookable by the hour, additional power, or custom workspace) will be available on a fee-for-purchase basis through the media services rate card.   Register to purchase additional services,  the deadline for rate card orders is Monday, October 23.

Media organizations wishing to inquire about live/broadcast locations or parking availability for live transmission vehicles should utilize the media services rate card by no later than Monday, October 23; the rate card form requires organizations to indicate the type of vehicle and length. Due to security restrictions, satellite trucks will be required to remain parked overnight for the duration of AELW.

HostTV: The United States will make available video and still images of most public AELW events, including APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting opportunities as “clean” (no graphics/chyrons) in NTSC 1080i on a complimentary basis. HostTV events will be streamed live and available for download.


The United States is not providing accommodations for media attending AELW, and all lodging must be secured independently. Given the number of attendees and delegates, we encourage attending media to secure accommodations early.

A limited number of hotels within the San Francisco area will provide a discounted rate for journalists affiliated with APEC Economic Leaders Week. Hotels listed below have indicated availability or specific pricing only as of transmittal time and cannot be guaranteed. Please contact any hotel directly for inquiries.

Visas and Customs

Journalists planning to travel to the United States for AELW should start the visa application process as soon as possible, regardless of the accreditation process. As previously stated, visa approval does not guarantee accreditation, nor vice-versa. Additional visa information for journalists traveling as part of an official delegation can be sent via email inquiry to the Office of the Chief of Protocol at

All media covering AELW who are not U.S. citizens, or who do not currently have authorization to work in the United States, must have an appropriate visa to travel to the United States. For many, this will be an “I” nonimmigrant visa. The Visa Waiver Program does not cover individuals coming to the United States to work, even for a short period of time. Additionally, the Visa Waiver Program is not applicable to persons traveling on diplomatic passports. Visit for more information.

Media Equipment: Media bringing in equipment (from outside the United States) to AELW should obtain a Temporary Importation Bond (TIB) or ATA Carnet. Additional information regarding TIB or ATA Carnet  is available online at the Department of Homeland Security or International Chamber of Commerce.

Additional Questions, Technical Inquiries, and Contact Information

Please email with any logistical media inquiries. For broader press inquiries and broader editorial regarding AELW, please contact (CC:

Members of the media are invited to subscribe to a newsletter  intended for journalists. All San Francisco APEC Host Committee media inquiries should be directed to the office of the press liaison at

U.S. Department of State

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