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The PEPFAR Country/Regional Operational Plan 2023 Guidance (COP/ROP 2023) and FY24 Technical Considerations documents are now available. They will guide PEPFAR through its momentous and pivotal twentieth year of implementation and impact.

Download COP/ROP 2023 Guidance

Download FY24 Technical Considerations

COP/ROP23 reflects the first planning cycle of the new PEPFAR Five-year Strategy. COP/ROP23 also reflects a revised approach to COP/ROP planning that includes an increased commitment to in-country planning, shifting toward a two-year COP planning cycle (anticipating a two-year ROP cycle starting with ROP24), and utilizing accountability tools that are streamlined and better aligned with current needs, all while remaining committed to an inclusive, data-driven, accountable, and transparent planning process.

We are closer to ending HIV/AIDS as a public health threat. During its first 20 years, PEPFAR has worked with partner-country governments and other stakeholders, including the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, UNAIDS, communities and other partners to end HIV/AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. Thanks to global and local HIV/AIDS stakeholders, UNAIDS reports that AIDS-related deaths have been cut by 64 percent since their peak in 2004, and new infections have been reduced by 42 percent through the delivery of essential prevention and treatment services. Globally, 73 percent of people living with HIV are accessing antiretroviral therapy. Although new infections are declining, we have not yet reached our global target. Population HIV Impact Assessment (or PHIA) data from over a dozen high HIV-burden countries show that at least 73 percent (.90 x .90 x .90) community viral suppression across age/sex groups is achievable and leads to stabilized, and even decreasing, HIV-disease burden. These successes were achieved without a vaccine or cure.

While some PEPFAR-supported partner countries are still scaling and have not yet reached UNAIDS targets, all PEPFAR programs will benefit by positioning COP and ROP planning to align with the 5×3 approach of PEPFAR’s Five-year Strategy.

This page will be regularly updated with relevant COP/ROP 2023 information and materials.

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