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Initiating a milestone project of rehabilitation and conservation of Hôtel Rothschild to prepare it for the next half-century

Rehabilitating moving forward, to respond to the needs of modern society

Conserving respecting the past, preserving the architectural integrity, and honoring the former visionaries that allow this magnificent symbol of Franco-American exchange to serve the U.S. Department of State’s mission in France.
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50th Anniversary of rue du 41 Faubourg St. Honoré 

In 2021 the U.S. Department of State initiated a milestone project of rehabilitation and conservation of the Ambassador’s residence, ‘Hôtel Rothschild’, to prepare it for the next half-century.

No stronger tie between the United States and France exists than the U.S. Ambassador’s residence in Paris. Political, economic, and cultural affairs are at the heart of the discussions, events, and celebrations that take place in this historic building. 2022 marks the 50th year that the residence at rue du 41 Faubourg St. Honoré has served as the residence of the U.S. Ambassador.

Almost half a century of constant use has taken its toll on the building. Increasing demands for technological and environmental advances in addition to outdated infrastructure systems require an all-encompassing response.


A committee is being established in France and America of Partners who would like to participate in the rehabilitation & conservation effort. With your leadership, commitment, and support, we can prepare for the next 50 years.

Initial Conservation and Building Rehabilitation costs are estimated at $50M. Conservation is set to start in 2023 with our first goal of raising $50M by the end of 2022 – Hôtel Rothschild’s 50th Anniversary. An estimated goal of $200M to $250M is set to complete the remainder of the rehabilitation. Will you join our cause?



Virtual Tours – Conservation Areas

Connect with us here as we share updates, announce events, and share rehabilitation video highlights.  Over the upcoming months, we will highlight areas of conservation and bring you up close to the property and the rehabilitation that is needed on these historic grounds.  We will have a series of quick virtual tours throughout the residence, showing you a rare, behind-the-scenes view of the property. Join us as we visit these transformation areas!

Also, look for highlights on our social media channels – #StateOBO

Video Highlights Coming Soon!

For more information on conservation campaign efforts, please visit: 
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