Infographic on special needs education in Jakarta, Indonesia at the assisted school Jakarta International School (JIS). In general, the school can support students whose learning support needs are MILD MODERATE and MORE INTENSIVE. The school is able and willing to accommodate students within the following categories: hearing impaired-no physically and orthopedically impaired- no visually impaired-no autistic- no specifically learning disabled-yes intellectually disabled- yes behaviorally/emotionally disturbed- no multiple disabilities-yes other health impairment- no speech or language impaired- yes traumatic brain injury-no Special needs support services include: teacher accommodations-yes teacher accommodations learning support teacher- yes learning support teacher- yes co-teaching/team teaching in the classroom- yes academic support class secondary school- yes support special needs preschoolers-no use of IEP and ILP- yes The school has a self-contained classroom for ELEMENTARY. Maximum hours per week per student for push in 2 for pull out 3. Special needs support staff in the school include: Nurse-7 Psychologist-2 Social Worker-0 Special Needs Coordinator-0 Learning Support Teacher-11 Guidance Counselor-11 Services are available in English at post for the following: psychoeducational assessment- yes speech therapy-yes occupational therapy-no physical therapy-no behavior and/or autism specialist (ABA/Behavior Plan/Interventions)-no social skills group/social skills training-yes US credentialed reading specialist- no reading remediation-yes reading programs for Dyslexia (Ortho Gillingham etc.)-yes math specialist-no The school can provide the following: 1:1 classroom aide-no special transportation- no transportation paraprofessional- no

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