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Office of the Spokesperson
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The Office of the Spokesperson communicates U.S. foreign policy objectives to the American public.



Global Media
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The Global Media team engages media to shape the global narrative on American foreign policy and values.

  • Office of International Media Engagement
  • Office of Foreign Press Centers
  • Office of Press Relations

Strategy, Outreach, and Events
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The Strategy, Outreach, and Events team integrates and coordinates strategic communications and engagements at the State Department and abroad.

  • Office of Global Communications Strategy
  • Office of Public Liaison
  • Office of Events and Travel

Digital Content
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The Digital Content team provides an integrated approach to digital channel strategy to engage the right audiences on the right platforms and utilizes creative and strategic production capabilities to communicate ideas and tell stories across channels and audiences

  • Creative Office
  • Video Office
  • Platforms Office
  • The Audience and Distribution Strategy Office

Research and Analytics
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GPA’s Research and Analytics team provides the data and insights needed to inform, measure, and improve effective, audience-centric communications campaigns and messages.

U.S. Department of State

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