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The Office of International Media Engagement creates and manages State Department mechanisms to ensure accurate coverage of U.S. foreign policy priorities by major international media. The office oversees the State Department’s six Regional Media Hubs which serve as overseas platforms for engagement of foreign audiences via the media — broadcast, print, and internet.

The Office of International Media Engagement programs official U.S. Government representatives on foreign media outlets, and ensures that the State Department’s international media capabilities, including the Hubs, are integrated into the interagency press and public affairs planning and execution. The office works within the Bureau of Global Public Affairs and with State Department regional bureaus and other U.S. Government agencies to develop foreign media engagement strategies in furtherance of U.S. foreign policy priorities. The office also works with the Foreign Service Institute to develop and train officers to function in positions requiring intensive engagement with international media.

Regional Media Hubs

Brussels Regional Media Hub
Dubai Regional Media Hub
London International Media Hub
Media Hub of the Americas
Africa Regional Media Hub
Asia Pacific Media Hub

Foreign Language Twitter Accounts

@USAbilAraby  – Arabic

@USAenEspanol  – Spanish

@USAenFrancais  – French

@USApoRusski  – Russian

@USAemPortugues  – Portuguese

@USAUrdu  – Urdu

@USAHindiMein  – Hindi

Translations is administered by the Office of International Media, and delivers in-language translations of Department statements and releases in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, French, and Russian.


LiveAtState is the U.S. Department of State’s interactive on-line video platform for engaging with international media on top foreign policy issues. These on-the-record “virtual press briefings” offer invited journalists and bloggers in other countries unique opportunities to engage with senior U.S. Government officials in Washington. By harnessing cutting edge web-chat technology, LiveAtState offers international media unparalleled opportunities for meaningful discussions with U.S. policymakers.

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