A/GIS/DIR manages the Department’s Directives program. Directives that instruct the Department derive from many sources, such as executive branch mandates, congressional legislation, judicial decrees, and senior leadership decisions. More specifically, Directives can originate from Executive Orders, Presidential memoranda and determinations, delegations of authority, the Code of Federal regulations, the U.S. Code, Office of Management and Budget guidance, rules set by other executive branch agencies and Department senior leaders. A/GIS/DIR ensures that all directives to the Department are reflected appropriately in Department policy and published in the Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) and associated handbooks (FAHs). The office also acts as the Department’s regulatory coordinator by liaising with Department program offices, other agencies, and the Office of Management and Budget. The office assists in reviewing and clearing Department-originated rules and works with program offices to offer comment and clearance on rules proposed by other agencies. A/GIS/DIR administers the Department’s Information Collections program to ensure the Department is in compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) when it seeks information from the public. All public notification that is required by law or is deemed to be of public importance is published in the Federal Register via the Office.

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