Logistics Operations (OPS)

  • Arrange for travel, transportation, & warehousing for employees and families
    • Packing and shipping of household effects, including personally owned vehicles
    • Storing of household effects in Hagerstown and at commercial facilities nationwide
    • Despatch Agents in Baltimore, Brownsville, Dulles, Miami, New York, & Seattle
    • European Logistics Support Office (ELSO) in Antwerp, Belgium
      • Storage and transshipment for posts in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East
      • Manage forward-deployed supply system via the Expedited Logistics Program with RPSO
    • Yearly totals include 30,000 shipments, 26 million pounds of household effects in storage, 50,000 travel transactions arranged through the AMEX Travel Management Center, & 5,500 receipts & 4,000 lines of inventory in secure warehouses
  • Manage the purchase & inventory of overseas motor vehicles
    • 6,300 vehicles in overseas inventory

Program Management and Policy (PMP)

  • Develop and deploy logistics systems
  • Manage the diplomatic pouch and mail systems
    • Accompanied and unaccompanied pouches between Washington and posts
    • 184,000 pouches and 8 million pounds of materials sent annually from Washington
    • Average transit time to posts overseas: less than 3 days
    • Domestic mail services for the Department’s Washington offices
  • Develop and maintain logistics policy
  • Provide professional development & training opportunities for A/LM & the worldwide logistics and GSO community
  • Provide operational support to over 1100 purchase-card holders worldwide
  • Manage the Department’s property management program
    • Worldwide oversight, training, and support for posts and domestic bureaus
    • Domestic excess property management
  • Coordinate strategic planning and performance management for A/LM

U.S. Department of State

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