The Office of Management Strategy and Solutions (M/SS) is the Under Secretary for Management’s central management analysis organization. M/SS is comprised of three directorates, Policy and Global Presence, Consulting and Advanced Projects, and Center for Analytics.

The M/SS Policy and Global Presence (PGP) directorate provides analysis and policy advice to Department leadership to implement enterprise-wide management goals and fulfill statutory requirements. Its experts collaborate with Department and interagency partners to continuously improve strategic governance, support Chiefs of Mission and their overseas management platforms, ensure accountability, and optimize the alignment of Department resources with U.S. foreign policy.

M/SS’ Consulting and Advanced Projects staff supports U.S. diplomacy by improving the Department’s management operations through innovation. The Consulting and Advanced Project’s staff improves performance, reduces waste, and ensures resources are well-managed. The Consulting and Advanced team:

  • Assists Department managers in identifying, developing, and implementing cost containment strategies;
  • Optimized the overseas management platform to advance foreign policy goals through tools, insights, and problem solving;
  • Develops and offers tools and training that focus on strategic planning, project management, performance metrics, and continuous process improvement;
  • Coordinates efforts to disseminate and scale management solutions throughout the Department’s global operations;
  • Researches and tests new technologies and best practices that could improve Department operations; and
  • The Greening Diplomacy Initiative (GDI) leads a Department-wide effort to reduce our resource footprint, share best practices with internal and external partners, and ensure the Department is in compliance with federal energy, environmental, and sustainability requirements.  GDI runs the environmental Internet of Things Network, which includes the Air Quality Monitoring program and the smart metering program for utilities, and also several outreach platforms, such as the Eco-Capitals Forum, the Annual GDI Awards, and the Air Quality Fellows program.
  • Teamwork@State is the Department of State’s in-house management consulting team. We provide detailed expertise and best practices, and act as neutral facilitators to help teams across the Department address their unique challenges.  Through targeted facilitations and trainings, we help our colleagues to plan strategically, improve process, manage projects, and embrace change.

The Center for Analytics (CfA) is the U.S. Department of State’s official enterprise data and analytics capability. Led by the Chief Data Officer, CfA transforms data into bold insights that help over 75,000 employees – from working-level to the Secretary – make better management and foreign policy decisions. Its mission is to expand data access and grow analytic expertise across the Department’s domestic bureaus and over 200 missions around the world. The science of analytics meets the art of diplomacy at CfA.

CfA is your connection to everything data analytics at the U.S. Department of State.


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