The Office of Management Policy, Rightsizing, and Innovation (M/PRI) is the Under Secretary for Management’s central management analysis organization. M/PRI is comprised of three staffs that handle management policy, rightsizing, and innovation.

M/PRI’s Management Policy Staff provides analysis of cross-cutting issues for the Under Secretary for Management and other senior managers in the Department. In addition, the Policy Staff:

  • Manages the Accountability Review Board (ARB) function for the Secretary of State;
  • Acts as liaison with the Office of Inspector General(OIG) and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) for M-family recommendations and findings; and,
  • Provides advice and recommendations for cross-cutting issues when impasse is reached.

M/PRI’s Rightsizing Staff is responsible for managing the rightsizing of USG personnel serving abroad while under Chief of Mission authority and National Security Decision Directive 38 (NSDD 38). Through analyses and interaction with the field, the Rightsizing staff:

  • Provides expertise to senior managers on policy matters related to chief of mission authority;
  • Manages the NSDD-38 and country clearance processes;
  • Conducts overseas staffing reviews of all missions on a rolling 5-year basis, as well as prior to planning any new capital construction projects abroad, in order to determine the minimum human resources required to meet foreign policy goals;
  • Identifies potential efficiencies through outsourcing, empowerment of local staff, regionalization, consolidation and other rightsizing techniques.

M/PRI’s Innovation staff supports U.S. diplomacy by improving the Department’s management operations through innovation. The Innovation staff improves performance, reduces waste, and ensures resources are well-managed. The Innovation team:

  • Assists Department managers in identifying, developing, and implementing cost containment strategies;
  • Facilitates better management decisions by improving data accessibility and analytics, encouraging managers to review key indicators on workforce efficiency, financial resources, operational performance, and customer satisfaction;
  • Develops and offers tools and training that focus on strategic planning, project management, performance metrics, and continuous process improvement;
  • Coordinates efforts to disseminate and scale management solutions throughout the Department’s global operations;
  • Researches and tests new technologies and best practices that could improve Department operations; and
  • Leads the Department-wide effort to reduce our resource footprint, ensuring the Department is in compliance with federal energy, environmental, and sustainability requirements.

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