Science, technology, and innovation are cornerstones of the American economy. The Office of Science and Technology Cooperation (STC) negotiates and oversees bilateral Science and Technology Agreements worldwide.  These agreements, and their associated expert meetings, strengthen international cooperation in scientific areas aligned with American interests, ensure open data practices, promote reciprocity, extend U.S. norms and principles, and protect American intellectual property.

We recognize that not every country shares American values – in fact, some attempt to illicitly acquire America’s intellectual property and proprietary information. As such, STC works with foreign allies and federally funded scientists to ensure the United States rightfully reaps the benefits of international science and technology cooperation and that those with whom we cooperate adhere to the rules-based order. STC monitors worldwide trends in science and technology to retain U.S. advantages over strategic competitors and improve our understanding of how they may influence—or undermine—American strategies and programs.

We execute public diplomacy programs that highlight American leadership in science and technology and we implement economic programs in emerging markets that connect American businesses with young science and technology entrepreneurs. Our efforts contribute to scientific enterprises that hasten American economic growth and advance American foreign policy priorities. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the United States has access to the best researchers, facilities, and opportunities.

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