The Office of The Biological Policy Staff (BPS) develops policies and initiatives to impede and roll back the threat of acquisition or use of biological weapons by state and nonstate actors.  BPS leads U.S. interagency efforts on the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), including chairing backstopping meetings, coordinating the preparation and submission of annual Confidence-Building Measures, and promoting efforts to enhance the universal adherence to, and effective implementation of, the Convention by other States Parties.  The United States is working with other States Parties to strengthen the operation of the BWC in such areas as assessing and managing risks arising from developments in science and technology; facilitating responsible conduct of the life sciences; ensuring effective national implementation of the BWC’s obligations, including those associated with biosafety and biosecurity; enhancing transparency and confidence building among Parties; and organizing to provide assistance in the event of a suspicious outbreak or alleged use of biological weapons. More about the BWC >>

In addition, BPS coordinates the Department’s implementation of the National Biodefense Strategy and works with a wide range of Federal agencies, nongovernment organizations, intergovernmental organizations, and foreign partners on issues ranging from health security to laboratory biorisk management.  A key area of focus is advancing measures to prevent misuse of advances in the life sciences, including measures to promote laboratory biosecurity and biosafety.  Another key area is strengthening the operationalization of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Mechanism for Investigation of Alleged Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons to facilitate any potential investigations of the alleged use of biological weapons.

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