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The Office of the Procurement Executive (A/OPE) provides management direction and leadership over Department-wide acquisition and federal assistance policies and the full range of acquisitions and federal assistance management services.

1 FAM 212.2 in the Department’s Foreign Affairs Manual provides details on the authority, responsibilities, and structure of A/OPE.

Office of Acquisitions Policy

The Office of Acquisitions Policy (A/OPE/AP) prescribes the Department’s acquisition and federal assistance policies, regulations, and procedures; determines the effect of new or proposed acquisition or assistance legislation, executive orders, or regulations on, or implements same, into the Department’s acquisition and/or federal assistance policy and procedures.

Office of Acquisitions Management

The Office of Acquisitions Management (A/OPE/AQM) manages, plans, and directs the Department’s acquisition programs and conducts contract operations in support of activities worldwide. A/OPE/AQM provides the full range of professional contract management services including acquisition planning, contract negotiations, cost and price analysis, and contract administration.



Each day, the Department of State, Office of the Procurement Executive (OPE) delivers flexible solutions through a responsive and knowledgeable workforce that elevates the Acquisition Experience. Become a member of our agency’s team of Acquisition professionals that facilitates U.S. diplomacy and national security interests by applying now!

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