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Temporary Radio Frequencies

Foreign missions requesting temporary radio frequencies to support high-level visits (Chiefs of State/Heads of Government, Former Heads of Government, Ministers, etc.) should submit their requests a minimum of three business days before the arrival date (not including the date of submission nor the arrival date). Foreign missions may request this through an email, diplomatic note, or letter to

Upon receipt of the submission, OFM will email an acknowledgement of receipt.

The request should include the following information. Please note that items 1-7 are required, while items 8-14 are helpful but optional:

1) Name and title of visiting official

2) Itinerary of visiting official (including the city, state and date range at each city)

3) Specific frequency desired (in MHz)

4) Alternate frequencies (in MHz), if requested frequency is not available

5) Type of equipment and the number of units (Example: 10 Motorola XPD mobiles, 15 portables, etc.)

6) Embassy point of contact (name, title, phone, mobile, e-mail, etc.).

7) Estimated geographic service area for portable and mobile units. (Example: 5 mile radius of Chase Tower, Chicago, IL.)

8) Frequency operating range of equipment and any tuning limitations

9) Required frequency separation (in MHz) for duplex or repeater operation

10) Transmit power output level of each type of equipment. (If not known, please provide approximate level of watts for each type of equipment.)

11) System configuration (Example: simplex, half duplex, repeater, or full duplex)

12) For half duplex (repeater) or duplex, list specific transmit and receive frequencies needed for each type of equipment.

13) Emission designator which includes bandwidth and emission classification. Example (bandwidth):8 kHz, 11 kHz, 16 kHz, etc. Example (classification of emission): voice, data, or other.

14) When applicable, location of base or repeater stations and antennas, including name of hotel and floor number.

Submit requests to at least three business days before the arrival of the visiting official. If OFM receives this information after the deadline, it cannot guarantee temporary frequency request by the arrival date. Once the request is approved, OFM will send approval letters to the email from which the request originated. If you have any questions, please call (202) 895-3500, ext. 5.

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