Ambassador at Large for Cyberspace and Digital Policy Nathaniel C. Fick participated in the inaugural Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building (GC3B) from November 29 to 30, 2023 in Accra, Ghana, alongside other U.S. government officials including Chief Digital Development Officer for the U.S. Agency for International Development Chris Burns.

In remarks at the conference, Ambassador Fick highlighted the breadth and depth of the Department of State’s cyber capacity building to date.  Ambassador Fick also underscored the importance of taking international security seriously when considering opportunities for digital development.  During a panel on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ambassador Fick brought attention to the U.S. approach to AI policy and the path outlined by the U.S. Executive Order on the “Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence.”

The GC3B conference is organized by the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise, the Cyber Peace Institute, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum and hosted by the Government of Ghana.  International stakeholders in the cyber and development communities convened in 30+ sessions over two days to promote a free, open, and secure digital transition for all.

The GC3B encourages countries to work together on developing cybersecurity knowledge, expertise, and skills and to mainstream cyber resilience and capacity building, which is a key enabler for secure digital connectivity, sustainable development, economic growth, and social progress.

We welcome the Accra Call for Cyber Resilient Development:  An Action Framework .  This outcome document of GC3B aims to stimulate global action to elevate cyber resilience across international and national development agendas as well as promote cyber capacity building that supports broader development goals through a set of non-binding, direction-setting actions.

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