The Bureau of Global Health Security and Diplomacy collaborates within the State Department, across the U.S. government, and in coordination with our international partners to empower foreign governments to work with us to combat future global health threats.

  • We work with the Office of Foreign Assistance on requests, allocation, and use of State Department foreign assistance resources for global health emergencies to ensure the U.S. government can respond quickly, transparently, equitably, and efficiently to outbreaks.
  • We engage diplomatically to support building capacity and strengthening national health systems, including developing and implementing national action plans for health security.
  • We strengthen regional early-warning disease surveillance systems by building capacity and strong collaboration at national and regional levels, including through the support of new regional public health platforms.
  • We support health workers by providing training to prevent, detect, and respond to disease threats, encouraging adequate security and compensation, and focusing on recruitment/retention efforts, while collaborating with stakeholders to improve financing opportunities dedicated to this purpose.
  • We increase attention and political will to address antimicrobial resistance and One Health issues including zoonotic spillover and climate sensitive diseases by establishing and strengthening national and regional platforms.

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