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Agenda for PEPFAR’s Scientific Advisory Board Meeting
Date: October 2nd, 0900-1530

Time: [0900-0910]

  • Call to order, FACA compliance: Nicole Espy
  • Welcome and other formalities: Mike Reid & Chair del Rio

Session 1: Global Health Security and Diplomacy and PEPFAR: Introduction to New Bureau
Time: [0910-10.15]

  • Opening remarks, Ambassador Nkengasong
  • Presentation on the new bureau and PEPFAR’s strategic priorities (Dr. Becky Bunnell, acting PDAS, PEPFAR-GHSD)
  • Q&A – Open discussion with the Scientific Advisory Board members (SAB) and Ambassador Nkengasong

Session 2: Updates in Prevention: Review of prevention science and update on CAB-LA rollout
Time: [10.15-11.00]

  • Summary of ongoing relevant prevention research (Mr. Mitchell Warren, AVAC)
  • Status update on CAB-LA rollout (Dr. Robyn Eakle, PEPFAR-GHSD)
  • Q&A – How should PEPFAR be prioritizing prevention strategies?

Session 3(a): Optimizing Cardiovascular Outcomes for PLHIV: Role of Statin Therapy for PLHIV in PEPFAR Programs
Time: [11.10-11.30]

  • Presentation of data from the REPRIEVE trial on statin therapy for people living with HIV (PLHIV) in PEPFAR programs (Prof. Steve Grinspoon, Harvard University)

Session 3(b): Optimizing Cardiovascular Outcomes for PLHIV: Feasibility of Integrating CVD Disease Management into HIV Care
Time: [11.30-12.00]

  • Presentation of implementation science research findings from Uganda (Prof. Semitala, Makerere University).
  • Q&A – SAB discussion on both presentations (3a and 3b) and implications for PEPFAR programs

Session 4: UNAIDS technical consultation on defining and sustaining HIV epidemic control in SSA
Time: [12.30-13.30]

  • Reviewing Epidemiology and Modeling from UNAIDS Consultation on HIV beyond 2030
  • Presentation of UNAIDS modeling data (Dr. Jeff Imai-Eaton, Harvard University)
  • Q&A – SAB discussion on presentation and implications for PEPFAR programs.

Session 5: Sustainability Agenda: Discussion of PEPFAR’s Sustainability roadmaps
Time: [13.30-14.30]

  • Presentation on PEPFAR’s sustainability agenda (Mr Mike Ruffner, PEPFAR-GHSD)
  • Q&A – SAB discussion on presentation and implications for PEPFAR programs.

Session 6: Open Comment 
Time: [14.30 – 15.00]

  • Moderated by Mike Reid & Carlos del Rio
  • Summary of key insights and action items from the meeting.
  • GHSD leadership provides summary comments and closing.

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