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The Almaty International School (AIS) (QSI Almaty) is a fully accredited American curriculum and Advanced Placement (AP) School, founded in 1993 by Quality Schools International. The school year is comprised of 3 terms extending from late August until mid-June. AIS is fully accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) and is a member of the Central and Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA). It is also a charter member of CEESA, a charter member of Central Asian Athletic Arts and Academic Federation (CAAAF), and a charter member of the Confederation of Almaty Schools and Head Teachers (COASH).

Organization: AIS is governed by the Board of Directors of Quality Schools International (QSI), the membership of which is formed as set forth in the Bylaws of Quality Schools International. An advisory board – composed of 7 members, 2 members of whom are from the U.S. government who reside in Almaty – assists the school in its operation. The school operates with the approval of the Kazakhstan government.

Curriculum: AIS offers the American curriculum with a Mastery Learning approach. The school is also an Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone school, which includes AP Seminar and AP Research. In addition, AIS is offering AP courses in the following subjects: art, literature, U.S. history, economics, calculus, statistics, biology, chemistry, physics, Spanish, French, comparative government, environmental science, human geography, music theory, and world history. Instruction, leading to individual mastery, takes advantage of small class sizes and the diverse educational backgrounds of the students. Instruction is in English. Foreign language classes are provided to learn French, Spanish, and Russian. Extracurricular offerings include varsity sports, National Honor Society, drama, music (preschool through secondary, choirs, instrumental band, and orchestra), Model United Nations (MUN), local community service, and international excursions.

Faculty: In the 2018-2019 school year there are 88 faculty members. 

Enrollment: At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year enrollment was 490 (PK–grade 12).  

Facilities: AIS offers a modern campus, with separate elementary and secondary buildings, including a gymnasium; art, band, orchestra, and choir rooms that are attached to the main building by a suspended, enclosed walkway; and multiple covered playgrounds. In 2014, AIS added a new cafeteria hall and a classroom building, which includes 12 classrooms and a newly constructed library with about 25,000 books in English. Recent land purchases will enable expansion of prekindergarten, a sports complex, and a cafeteria. AIS also has 3 computer labs, multiple laptop and iPad carts, science labs, a large gym and a fitness area, a 400-meter track, 2 tennis courts, and a soccer field. AIS monitors indoor and outdoor Air Quality Index (AQI) with a state-of-the-art monitoring station and is equipped with high quality air purifiers for each classroom.

Finances: In the 2019-2020 school year, approximately 98% of the school’s income derives from tuition. Annual tuition rates are as follows: PK (half-day): $7,300; PK (full-day): $8,800; and grades K-12: $21,100. There is a one-time registration fee of $300. The annual capital levy fee is $1,600. These fees are payable in U.S. dollars. (All fees are quoted in U.S. dollars.)


Information and statistics are current as of September 2019 and are provided by the school.

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